Quoting IT: SharePoint's Enterprise Role

"Our prediction, though proved to be correct though in another sense, inasmuch as the push to sell SharePoint as a replacement to ECM systems has to a large degree stopped — a good thing for buyers, for in that direction lay serious disappointment.

The fact is that buyers typically do not replace systems, be they ECM or otherwise. The growth in the data mountain and the ever-changing demands to the business mean that IT adds to and attempts to enhance what is already there, rather than rip and replace."

Contributed Modules for Drupal 6

I began running this website on Drupal 6 shortly after the official release.  Before then, I periodically installed development versions of Drupal 6 on the production server during the weekends so others could judge the progress that was being made.  During this period, I made the claim that I didn't really need any contributed modules to run my site on Drupal 6.

As I said last week, it's amazing how many people overlook the power of Drupal...even without its contributed modules. Yes, I'll be glad when the Views, Panels, and even the TinyMCE contributed modules are ready to use with Drupal 6. But I've always looked at contributed modules as modules of convenience and not necessity.

It could have been a bold statement that I made at the beginning of the year.  Although Drupal 6 interest has finally overtaken Drupal 5, there still are a number of popular modules still under the designation of release candidate, beta, and even alpha.  My site has shown that you don't have to always wait for contributed modules to upgrade a site to the latest version of Drupal.  However, my statement was a lie. By the time Earl Miles released Views 2.0 Beta 1, I found I didn't want to live without my essential modules for very long.

The following are a list of contributed Drupal modules that I wouldn't want to do without here at CMSReport.com.  I am neither the first word nor the last word of which modules you should be running for your Drupal site.  In fact, by coincidence, Kathleen Murtagh has just written a similar list of contributed modules that should be considered.  Some of the modules on my list are still going through their development phase and you'll have to assess the risk of using the modules on your own sites.  Personally, I like to take the risk for my hobby sites such as these, but I am more cautious when using development code for sites managed at my day job.  Whichever modules you choose, be sure to thank the developers that have made your site possible. 

Contributed modules used at CMSReport.com

Project Lead: Greg Gnaddison
There are a number of comment and subscription related modules for Drupal.  However, I found this module to be very convenient for both users and administrators.

Sends e-mail to notify both registered and anonymous users about new comments on pages where they have commented. The goal is to drive one-time users that comment back to you site to convert them to real registered users. This conversion step is an essential one in building a blog comment community.

Social Media vs. Knowledge Management

Wow, Venkatesh G. Rao writes the article of the year, Social Media vs. Knowledge Management: A Generational War.  I'm going to have to reread this article and do some reflection before I have anything of value to add.  Please do yourself a favor and read this article.

Note: Social Media, Social Publishing, Social Technology.  I wish we could all settle on the same term.

Mailbag: Take a look at WebGUI

Tavis sent an email to CMSReport.com asking me to take a look at WebGUI.  WebGUI is an open source content management system licensed under the GPL v2.

Hello, I wanted to send a quick note and see what it would take to setup a new CMS Focus category for WebGUI. The community is extremely active and there is definitely plenty of buzz about new releases, the community, and the organizations who decide to adopt it.

WebGUI also powers cmsmatrix.org...

Magento 1.1.5 Released

A new version of my favorite shopping cart has been released.  Magento, an open source ecommerce platform, is now available under version 1.1.5.

This version includes many bug fixes for Magento 1.1.x that are listed in the release notes section.

This version also comes with new features:

  • New category management tool that will allow store owners to manage a large number of categories, which can be tested on our demo admin site.
  • New skin to the Magento Default theme which can be seen here


OpenSourceCommunity.org Alternatives?

I was a huge fan of Amy Stephen's Open Source Community website.  The site's mission was built on a desire to be a "place for those of us interested in open source solutions and community issues".  OSC shared a similar goal of mine in which I have a strong desire to bring people together from competing Web CMS projects, products, and organizations and compare perspectives (though I have interest in propriety systems as well as open source).  Unfortunately OSC went offline last April with only a promise to be back up sometime in the future.

I will be taking the site down sometime tomorrow evening and will likely be down for awhile. It could be a week - maybe two, but one day, it'll be back! Thanks!

Recent discussion here at CMSReport.com brought the whereabouts of OSC back into question.  I personally don't know when OSC will ever be back online.  However, I think perhaps the better question might be, if you liked OSC.org what other sites should be considered?  That is a very hard question to answer.