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Why Businesses Thrive by Going Green

Sustainability has become a hot topic for people around the globe, especially those in business. As climate change is here and continues to affect our daily lives, everyone is feeling the pressure to take action and stop it. Today, more companies of every size are embracing sustainable practices. They are opting to become an eco-friendly business and switching up the way their company operates.

While some companies see the adoption of green practices as a total disruption to their operations, those that do turn over a new leaf will thrive. Here are some of the most compelling reasons behind this change and the benefits you may reap when putting the planet alongside profit.

Business Leaders Need to Continue Embracing Collaborative Environments

Remote work and an overall shift in mindset have changed the landscape of the modern workplace. Top-down leadership styles are increasingly falling out of favor while team-oriented efforts are gaining popularity. Business owners and managers must emphasize collaboration to create positive, productive work environments.

Enhancing Collaboration and Decision-Making in Boardroom Tech

Meetings act as a large part of everyday operations for teams to deliberate on ongoing projects, discuss profits and more. However, the days of confining business leaders to the four walls of conference rooms are long gone. Luckily, technology is by your side. Boardroom tech is redefining the meeting landscape, creating a flexible space that goes beyond remote connectivity.

From facilitating a smoother flow of ideas to supporting data-driven decisions, the right boardroom technology is here to create a transformative shift and drive your team toward success. Here is why collaboration and decision-making are central to boardroom meetings and how your company can empower these elements with technology.

These Sustainability Trends Are Changing the Manufacturing Industry Tenfold

The manufacturing industry is one of the top business sectors impacted by advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics. Now that factories have embraced some of the robotic trends and automations, they’re looking at ways to tap into sustainability trends and make their companies more eco-friendly. 

Rajant Named 2023 “Best Places To Work In Kentucky” And “Top Workplaces” In Philadelphia For Third Consecutive Year

Malvern, PA – April 20, 2023: Rajant Corporation, the pioneer of Kinetic Mesh® wireless networks, headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, with manufacturing and development operations in Morehead, Kentucky, is now a three-time consecutive award-winning employer. The distinctions of being The Philadelphia Inquirer’s “Top Workplaces of 2023” and “Best Places to Work in Kentucky” were announced last month. The selection process is based on anonymous employee answers to survey questions centering on company policies, procedures, and culture. 

Business Predicts Productivity Boost from Digital Transformation but Barriers Remain

Wiesbaden, DE. 21st March 2023 – New research shows that businesses have faith in technology to boost their productivity but are facing major knowledge and skill barriers to complete their digital transformation projects. European businesses expect technology digital transformation projects to boost their productivity by an average of 38% in just 3 years with overall Return on Investment (ROI) expected in just under 5 years, senior decision makers have reported. But so far, on average only 15% of organizations have completed their digital transformation projects.

The Top Inventory Management Strategies to Maximize Efficiency

Top inventory management strategies involve creating systems to ensure smooth supply chain movement from procurement to order fulfillment. It’s natural for bottlenecks to occur in the system. When management adopts the right processes, productivity soars. 

What Are 5 Popular Inventory Management Strategies?

The ways businesses track their inventory and order supplies has changed since COVID-19 struck the shores of America. The U.S. Census Bureau's Pulse Survey indicated around 38.8% of small business owners dealt with domestic supplier delays and plan to change the way they order. 

How and Why Tech Businesses Should Embrace Women's History Month

Women’s History Month occurs annually in March. It’s an excellent opportunity to celebrate the females of past and present who have made significant contributions to their communities, society and the world. It’s also a fantastic way for tech businesses to honor women in the workplace and beyond. 

Why Should Tech Businesses Celebrate Women’s History Month?

Many women feel — and are — underrepresented in the workplace and the world, even when they contribute as much or more than their male-identifying colleagues. This reality is especially stark in the tech industry. Improvements are underway, but there’s still much more work to accomplish.

Study: Bold leadership elevates CIOs to the boardroom

London, United Kingdom – 21st February 2023: CIOs have stepped into the role of digital evangelist and strategic advisor, according to the 2023 Global CIO Survey from Logicalis, a global technology service provider. The study questioned 1000 technology leaders and explores how the role of the CIO is evolving. This year’s survey, The Meteoric Rise of the CIO, demonstrates a monumental shift in the role of the CIO from tech implementor to business leader.

Autotech & Mobility Sector M&A Achieves Record High With 119 Deals, Says Hampleton Partners’ Report

Autotech & Mobility Sector M&A Achieves Record High With 119 Deals, Says Hampleton Partners’ Report


Electric Vehicles are the major driving force of the sector


London, UK – 16 February 2023. The latest global Autotech & Mobility M&A Market report from Hampleton Partners, the international M&A and corporate finance advisory firm for technology companies, reveals that 119 deals were struck in 2022, up 17 per cent on 2021’s figure.