Gilbane Conference 2015: Content, Technology, and Customer Experience

Over the years, I have promoted a lot of conferences for marketers, businesses, and content providers. For the most part these conferences blend in together so much that it is difficult to distinguish one from the other. However, not all conferences are forgotten with time. There are an elite few that stand out from the pack year after year. One of those is the Gilbane Conference.

The Gilbane Conference is geared for marketers, IT, and business managers that wish to "integrate content strategies and computing technologies to produce superior customer experiences for all stakeholders".

Gilbane Conference 2015

This year, Gilbane Conference 2015 is being held in Boston, Massachusetts from December 1st through the 3rd. This year, the conference will focus on how best to integrate your content, data, and software to improve the multichannel digital customer experience. Whether you are just getting started with managing multichannel content, need to improve the consistency of the web and mobile discovery experience, or are ready to integrate with an ecommerce, content marketing, business intelligence or other marketing or data management platform, you will want to attend this conference.

You and your peers will have ability to attend various talks, panels and sessions along four different conference tracks. These conference tracks include:

Content, Marketing, and Customer Experience - Designed for marketers, marketing technologists, social marketers, content marketers, growth hackers, web and mobile content managers, strategists and technologists focused on customer experience and digital marketing.

Content, Collaboration, and Employee Experience - Designed for content, information, technical, and business managers focused on enterprise social, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and backend content applications.

Re-imagining the Future: Ubiquitous Computing and Digital Transformation - Designed for technology strategists and executives focused on near-term and future software for content, digital experiences, and computing devices.

Digital Strategies for Publishing and Media - Designed for publishing and information product managers, marketers, technologists, and business or channel managers focused on the transition to digital products and managing digital assets.

If you are still sitting on the fence on whether you should go to this conference, how would you like to go at a discount price? All you have to do is let Gilbane know that you're friends with CMS Report when you register for the conference. When registering, you'll want to use CMSR as the "priority code" and receive $100 off the price to attend the conference. As a special bonus, anyone who registers using this code before October 30 will receive an extra $100 off with early bird pricing, so a $200 discount total.