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Welcome to socPub!

Our Purpose

Our diverse interests demanded that we evolve from a one-time niche website. Formerly known as CMS Report, we are now socPub. After 10 years obsessing over content management, we decided it was time to broaden our horizons with additional topics. We cover a number of topics including content management, marketing strategy, information technology, social media, and consumer technology. This site was originally founded in 2006 on the belief that information technologists, website owners, and web developers have a deep desire to visit online news site where they could learn about content management systems without having to put themselves on the offense or defense. Since then, our interests have evolved to a number of topic so in early 2017 we decided to rebrand to socPub

Guest Authors

As socPub's editor recently explained in his post, we are limiting the number of new contributors we allow to publish articles on our website. While current contributing authors will be "grandfathered in", the only new contributing authors we are accepting in 2020 and 2021 are those individuals that are known to socPub's editors personally or by reputation. The only exception we will make to publishing articles "from a stranger" will be from those representing, known companies or service providers, open source projects or a provider of good works (such as a charity or community projects).

Advertisement Needs

At this time, we're not looking for new advertisers. We also don't do paid content or paid links back to a site. However, where noted we do affiliate links. 

About the Editor(s)

Bryan Ruby, socPub.com

Bryan Ruby is owner and editor for socPub. He founded the site originally as CMS Report in 2006 on the belief that information technologists, website owners, and web developers desired visiting sites where they could learn more about content management systems. Since then he prefers to talk and write articles on a wide-range of topics that include marketing strategy, information technology, social media, software development, and consumer technology. Bryan continues to be an an active member in the content management and information technology community.

Outside of the late night blogging hours, he is the Information Technology Officer for a field office in the federal government. Prior to working as an information technologist he spent a decade as a forecast meteorologist with expertise in severe weather and radar meteorology.

Bryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Kansas and a M.S. in Administrative Studies/Information Systems from the University of South Dakota.

Away from the computer he enjoys his family, bicycling, motorcycling, camping, and the outdoors. Besides this site, you can follow Bryan at Twitter and read additional articles by him through his personal website found at BryanRuby.com.

History of this Website

As socPub

After 10 years as CMS Report, Bryan rebelled and became socPub. What does socPub mean? According to Bryan, "absolutely nothing". Readers and authors are not comforted to visit "nothing". Later Bryan clarifies that nothing is actually anything. We're a niche website on steroids! We cover a number of topics including content management, marketing strategy, information technology, social media, and consumer technology.

socPub's Milestones

December 2015 - Still known as CMS Report, the website begins a Deconstruction Project. A tear-down, build-up of the website removing what doesn't work (including the removal of around 2000 articles that no longer held value to the reader). This marks the beginning of transitioning CMS Report to socPub.

April 2017 - CMS Report becomes socPub and runs on Drupal 8.

September 2017 - socPub introduces its content management channel which which is basically a slim down version of CMS Report.

As CMS Report

The origin of CMS Report can be traced to Bryan's first site that focused on content management systems, the WebCMS Forum. If you never heard of it, you wouldn't be the first. Although the number of members at CMS Forum remained small, it had value. The forum was started because at the time the members saw a need to look beyond their own favorite CMS and acknowledge that there are other CMS applications out there also doing things right. WebCMS Forum provided a place where people could give open and honest opinions about the CMS they were using. By sharing web developers could learn from each other and build better sites, whether they were using using Joomla, Drupal, osCommerce, SMF, Wordpress, etc.

While the WebCMS Forum was intended for users and developers to discuss their favorite CMS applications, it became apparent that it's format was not the best to point readers to the lates news regarding CMS. Where users opinions drove WebCMS Forum, it is the news that drives CMS Report. In the Spring of 2006, CMS Report was brought online and by 2007 the WebCMS Forum ceased to exist.

CMS Report's Milestones

April 2006 - CMS Report is officially online with the traditional "Hello World" message. While CMSReport.com had planned to run on Drupal 4.6, gambles and runs the site using a beta of Drupal 4.7.

July 2006 - Marketing research tells us that most people prefer to not to log on a site to post comments. CMS Report offers anonymous comments with the help of Akismet spam protection.

January 2007 - Bryan upgrades CMS Report to Drupal 5.

February 2007 - We decide to limit our focus to thirty of the most interesting CMS out there. This decision formally begins our popular CMS Focus page.

March 2007 - OpenSourceCommunity.org goes online. Although CMS Report wasn't directly associated with the site, our two sites shared similar goals and interests. Although OSC.org is no more, it still influences how we run CMSReport.com today.

April 2007 - Our first book review, Pro Drupal Development, ushers in an onslaught of CMS related books (such as for Joomla! and Plone) from publishers. No one catches on that we're so cheap our photographer for those reviews was a three year old.

May 2007 - CMS Report decides to stop hosting its site on a virtual private/dedicated server (VPS/VDS) and go with cheap shared hosting. It was an opportunity to save money and write about our experience.

September 2007 - Disaster! Our experiment with using cheap shared hosting comes to a disaster and we're not fully functional for a few days.

Summer/Fall 2007 - Signs that CMS Report has relevance in the open source community. For the first time, Bryan is asked to be a judge for Packt Publishing's open source CMS awards.

Late 2007 - CMS Report becomes a "secret" beta site to test out Dries Buytaert's new project, Mollom. Mollom's web services allows us to monitor for potential spam without moderation.

February 2008 - By 2008, CMS Report had an audience and steady traffic. While other CMS news sites and blogs may have taken a more cautious approach, we wanted to prove that we still preferred to live on the cutting edge. CMS Report starts experimenting with release candidates of Drupal 6 on it's live production site!

January 2009 - CMS Report migrates over to Acquia Drupal and Acquia Network.

March 2009 - CMS Report begins using Acquia Search. By now, those folks over at Acquia either like us or scared of us. Luckily, we like what we see.

June 2009 - CMS Report begins to revamp the design, layout, and mission of the website. The goal is to not only increase traffic but to also make the place more inviting for people to contribute articles. The project is expected to be completed in the Fall.

November 2009 - After nine months of trying out shared hosting (again), CMS Report moves back to a virtual private server. We're just too busy and popular to run on anything but a virtual or dedicated server.

April 2010 - CMS Report goes to DrupalCon - San Francisco and meets lots of Drupal enthusiasts.

May 2011 - CMS Report goes to CMS Expo - Chicago and meets lots of CMS enthusiasts and some fantastic hosts.

June 2011 - CMS Report upgrades to Drupal 7.

September 2011 - CMS Report goes to the Liferay West Coast Symposium.

May 2012 - CMS Report goes to CMS Expo - Bryan Ruby, Editor, moderates a Drupal in the Clouds panel.

September 2012 - CMS Report migrates to the Agility CMS utilizing the Agility Magazine Publishing Suite.

October 2012 - CMS Report goes to the Liferay North America Symposium.

January 2013 - CMS Report's Bryan Ruby becomes a regular guest for CMS-Connected's "In the Spotlight" segment.

May 2013 - CMS Report goes to 2013  CMS Expo. Bryan Ruby, Editor, moderates a panel of Cloud Solution experts. 

April 2014 - CMS Report celebrates eight years of being online.

February 2016 - Bryan Ruby says goodbye to CMS Report as a writer. Continues managing and editing for the site.

April 2017 - CMS Report becomes socPub.