Let's Get Physical (less digital)

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Let's Get Physical (less digital)

Sun, 11/17/2019 - 12:00
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Nothing earth shattering but you may have noticed that I made a slight change in the list of categories displayed across the header of this website's pages. The topics of Marketing and Social Media have been removed and replaced with Experience Management as well as Vehicles (planes, trains, automobiles, and motorcycles). These changes are a reflection of my longstanding desire started two years ago to diversify the topics covered on the website socPub.

I understand...vehicles is an odd topic for a website that began with its primary focus on content management systems. As someone involved in information technology and historically focused on the digital and informational world, increasingly my midlife crisis has demanded paying more attention to the physical world. Increasingly, I've become obsessed with such things as the outdoors, power tools, electronics, smart homes, health, motorcycles and electric vehicles. I don't feel the topic of transportation vehicles is too far a stretch than the consumer technology topics I've covered over the years. Given that most of this website's readers have "grown up" with me, I can't help but hope as my interests have evolved to new territory so have the readers' interests moved into a similar direction.

We will still cover stories focused on social media and marketing and where appropriate these topics will be included in the larger category "umbrella" of content management or experience management. The topic of social media and social networks has increasingly come to bother me and perhaps why I've dropped it from the header. While I participate in social media (currently mostly via Twitter) I continue to find it lacks something and in turn is less rewarding than it should be. Social media really isn't a genuine interest of mine but more just a tool to be used. I forever remain convinced that the value of content remains is found via blogging and not social media.

The next change in socPub will be how we accept new contributors of articles to the site. I'm not happy seeing that some of the content submitted seems to be coming from content mills and not authentic writers. I'd like to change that and ironically that may be done via getting to know the writer via social media before accepting their content here at socPub