CMS Report is now socPub

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CMS Report is now socPub

Mon, 04/17/2017 - 05:48

Welcome to the new socPub.

We're no longer yesterday's CMS Report. Less than ten days ago, I started the process to migrate this website's content management system from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. During the migration I decided it was also time for a rebrand by listing the site under a new name and a new domain. We're now socPub and registered under the domain

What does socPub mean? Absolutely, nothing.

Several years ago, I had the idea of using the domain for a niche website focused on social publishing and neither of those two things happened. Looking back, I'm glad I didn't move forward on the project. Today, no one really talks about social publishing in the way it was originally envisioned. But also, I have too many interests to want to run another website where the name itself limits the topics a site covers. socPub has no meaning today in order to give us a chance to be a lot of things tomorrow.

But if you paid attention, you shouldn't be surprised that I've said goodbye, at least for now, to the CMS Report brand. A year ago, I wrote that this was what I was going to do.

In the long term, I have some new projects that I'm trying to get off the ground. As far as websites go, I'd like to startup a website that reflects my broader interest in technology, social networks, and entrepreneurship. For the past few years, I've been holding close to my chest a domain that I've always thought would be perfect for a rebranding of CMS Report. If I do move forward with the project, the earliest I would bring the new website online is Fall 2016

I still have a lot of fine tuning to do with this new website. For managing and building the site out, it is still a one-person show. I'm actually pleasantly surprised with how much I've accomplished with less than 40 hours of work. CMS migrations usually don't go this well. Needless to say, I like what I'm seeing in Drupal 8. The only other site I've ran on Drupal 8 is my personal blog so my experience with this new version of Drupal is rather limited.

Current contributors to this website will find their accounts and their articles under the same URL's except for the domain itself. Just replace with for login and if necessary request a new password. I'm going to ask new contributors to hold off for a couple more weeks before requesting a new account. I want to spend time implementing the content moderation features included with Drupal 8.3 as well as make some policy changes in the articles we will accept to publish.