5 Data Science Skills You Need in 2016

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Are you cut out for the challenge of being Chief Information Officer? The wide range and difficulty of tasks at the CIO level can instantly become crushing to those who have previously been warehoused in managerial positions. The new generation of CIOs has to deal with customers that want instant access and support, wherever they happen to be. As a data science expert, a CIO needs not only technical skills, but leadership skills as well. In order to make it in 2016, you need to be strategic about your career. You need to be a negotiator of change.

Not everybody has what it takes to be in charge of technology and data science at the executive level. So what data science skills do you need in 2016? The answers may surprise you.

1. Transform yourself and your company

As a member of the executive team in your company, it will be your job to guarantee that customers are taken care of quickly and with top priority. Businesses will have to institute major changes to make this happen in today’s technological world. Doing things the way you've always done isn’t enough anymore. You've got to ask difficult questions. Every choice you make will flow throughout the entire organization.

2. Think like a sales person 

What isolates the innovators from whatever remains of the pack is some critical business sharpness. True experience gives IT experts a more noteworthy comprehension of how innovation influences an organization's primary concern, and in addition a more prominent gratefulness for a wide assortment of regular business challenges. If you want to stay relevant, it’s time to change how you think about your business. Know your product, and know what your customers want.

3. Collaboration

Coordinate groups of staff members from different departments to work together as a group. Be sure you know how each department within your institution works and have at least one contact to call upon if needed. CIOs in top companies spend time fostering relationships across a broad spectrum of industries and people.

4. Build solid technology tactics

Having an idea is important, but having the capacity to transform that idea into an executable methodology is crucial. New IT innovators must realize what tactics will mean at the consumer level and how to lead the seasons of innovative change that originate from remarkable thoughts. They likewise need to figure out how to utilize innovation to create worth both within and outside the company. That could mean adopting new technology like Hadoop Spark or adapting an existing one to fit your organization’s needs. It's not about producing the most recent device to stay relevant in the industry; it's about binding innovation to the end results.

5.  Change your outlook

IT used to center around diminishing expenses and making the company framework more productive. Innovative CIOs in the next generation will move to center around supporting clients and retention of those clients. Data science is an ever changing field and the IT experts need to be adaptable and act quickly.

Can you see yourself in each of these categories? If so, you are ready for a career in data science. The leadership skills you acquire as a CIO will be utilized the rest of your career. Stay in one position long enough to make a meaningful impact to the organization. You are building a culture. Work with other executives in your company to create a culture of principles and standards that are shared by all. You are the glue that holds the all the different departments at all levels of the company together to create a successful product. You will need to have proficiency in many different areas.