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How to Foster a Winning Relationship with Your Website Redesign Team as a Client

How to Foster a Winning Relationship with Your Website Redesign Team as a Client

Redesigning your website is an exciting proposal. A positive experience with your website design team happens when communication is clear. You can avoid bottlenecks and endless email loops, hashing out the details by improving processes and communications from the start. Here are some best practices as a client to foster a winning relationship with your website redesign team that results in a stellar site experience.

How to Mitigate Insider Threats With Behavior Analytics

Insider threats can be challenging to deal with. Their prominence demands attention, but they can be hard to identify, and businesses don’t want to interrupt people’s work because of false positives. User and entity behavior analytics offers a solution.

What Is Behavior Analytics?

Behavioral analytics is a subset of machine learning focused on identifying how users or devices tend to act. In a security context, that means setting a baseline for normal behavior to detect suspicious activity.

How to Achieve Compliance in a Multicloud Environment

Regulatory compliance is an ever-evolving field for technology professionals. As cybercrime continues to grow, so do standards around acceptable data practices. This is a positive trend concerning cybersecurity and consumer privacy, but it can feel at odds with multicloud environments. Here are ways multicloud challenges regulations and strategies organizations can take to overcome compliance obstacles.

What Are the Implications of Quantum Computing for the Future of Data Security?

Quantum computing has the potential to change the data security landscape permanently. In as little as five years, it could make the most relied-upon encryption schemes ineffective — making businesses vulnerable to breaches.

Quantum Computing’s Impact on Data Security

Quantum computing can make some of the most common data security measures ineffective. While experts haven’t reached a consensus on how soon it will happen, many agree it will become an issue within the next few decades.

Building Trust in an Age of Increasing Employee Monitoring Software

As remote work has surged, so has employee monitoring software. These tools go by many names and serve many purposes, but they all share the same overall function — to keep an eye on what workers are doing. They also share the same questions about privacy and ethics.

Managers need to be able to keep their teams on track. At the same time, they need their employees’ trust, but it’s hard for people to trust someone they feel is looking over their shoulder 24/7. Addressing this balance is key to success in modern workplaces.

7 Key Steps To Achieve Sustainability in Business Operations by 2024

Customers increasingly want to prioritize companies that operate sustainably. Many expect their favorite organizations to uphold sustainable business operations and will go elsewhere if that doesn’t happen. Sustainable business enhancements don’t happen overnight but are gradually achievable when people take decisive actions.

1. Set Measurable Goals

Begin by choosing some challenging but reachable goals you can easily track. Start by focusing on a broad aim. Then, determine how you’ll measure it and decide what constitutes success.

Key Trends of Customer Satisfaction and Experience

The latest trends show that consumer preferences change continuously. Following them means you are paying attention to their needs and the latest technologies involved in customer experience. Use the key trends to differentiate your brand and take your customer service experience to another level. Doing so will enable you to become an expert and leader in your industry.

1. Empowering Customers With Self-Service

Self-service changes customers’ shopping experience by empowering them to manage certain aspects of their buying journey. One example is self-dispense systems in grocery stores. 

Revamping Your B2B Sales Pipeline: Key Steps for a Successful Restructuring Process

A B2B sales pipeline becomes more effective with restructuring and tweaking parts that might work better. As customers come and go and you specialize in various industries, you’ll find the methods that worked in the beginning no longer do the trick. Making a few minor changes can result in higher conversion rates and more revenue from each client.

The process from connecting with a lead to closing a sale is complex. Restructuring your methods requires following a list of steps so you miss nothing crucial in the equation. Here are some of the keys to a successful reboot.

Navigating the Challenges of Fintech Adoption in SMBs

Financial technology (fintech) products can help people associated with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) streamline many daily processes. However, adopting new technologies can cause uncertainties, even in highly motivated individuals. 

Change Resistance

Most humans naturally hesitate to make significant changes despite recognizing the associated benefits. That’s primarily because they prefer the familiarity of current processes since doing things differently almost always requires an adjustment period. 

Drupal 10 and the socPub Family of Websites

During the past seven days I've been upgrading our websites from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10. There are four of them which includes socPub, CMS Report, INFOTECH Pub, and After Work Pub. While one is never quite done with the work, we're quickly moving from the upgrade back to the maintenance phase of these website. As the dust settles down it will soon be time to start focusing on the content and presence of these websites.