2010 Enterprise Trends in Content Management

What are the enterprise trends in content management? This past month, I've given a lot of thought on the evolution of content management and social media in large organizations. Perhaps the amount of time I've recently spent on the plane traveling both coasts of the United States gave me too much reflecting time on this subject. Most of us understand the impact Enterprise 2.0 has had on enterprise content management, yet I feel like we're missing pieces to the puzzle. Luckily, there are a lot of smart people out there giving us clues to what the current enterprise trends are with content management.

I had the privilege to sit on a panel of CMS experts at this year's DrupalCon conference in San Francisco. The topic was focused on enterprise trends in both content management as well as social media. Besides myself the panel included Bryan House, Acquia, Joe Bachana, DPCI, and moderator Jacob Morgan, Chess Media Group.  The session was part of the business track of the Drupal conference and I was quite pleased a large number of people in the audience were looking fot not just Drupal solutions but any business solutions they could take back to their company.

When you participate on a panel discussion there are always things you wish you would have had time to discuss and a few things you wish you hadn't said in front of the few hundred people in the audience. Instead of adding here to what was said , I'll let the panel discussion stand on its own. The Enterprise Trends session is available in various video formats at archive.org. However, since no slide presentations were shared in this session you'll find yourself staring at a blank video screen while hearing the audio. If that blank screen annoys you like it does me, I've also attached to this post below the session in various audio-only formats of the panel's presentation.

While the DrupalCon conference was happening, on the other side of the United States, the 2010 AIIM Conference was taking place in Washington D.C. I didn't attend the conference, but I made sure I viewed John Mancini's keynote presentation at the conference, 8 Disruptive Forces That Will Transform The Content Management Industry. This is a really great presentation given by John and well worth the time spent in viewing and listening to the presentation. I really would have liked being in the crowd with fellow content management folks and have heard their reaction to the John's presentation.


John Mancini AIIM 2010 Keynote


If you're still hungry for more discussion on enterprise trends, then there is one more discussion that caught my eye. Check out Susan Cramm's summary of "What Does the Future Hold for IT?" based on a recent report from the Corporate Executive Board. I especially love the point that "what got us here isn't going to get us there".  In other words, there are pieces to the enterprise trends puzzle that have not yet been discovered. If you find one of those missing pieces, you might just become the puzzle master of this enterprise trends game we've been playing for some time now. I wonder what those missing pieces really are in this enterprise trends game?


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