How to Implement Zero Trust for SMBs

Today’s digital landscape poses significant cybersecurity threats to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In the past, the castle-and-moat network security model — a protected perimeter to safeguard a company’s information and assets from cybercriminals — was sufficient. However, the rise of remote work and cloud-based applications calls for a zero-trust approach.

Zero trust is typical among larger enterprises and government bodies. Although SMBs can implement it, doing so may seem daunting. The following is an overview of the zero-trust security model, its importance and the steps brands must take to strengthen their online defenses.

Is It Time to Take Your Business Public? 6 Considerations for Leaders Before an IPO

Taking your business public is a significant milestone that can open new opportunities for growth and expansion. Going public can provide access to substantial capital, increase your company’s visibility and enhance its credibility. However, the transition of an initial public offering (IPO) also brings new challenges.

To achieve success, careful preparation and thoughtful planning are essential. There are numerous considerations to have in mind, and knowing each of them will be critical to ensuring public ownership is a good decision.

Are Company Events Still an Effective Employee Engagement Strategy in 2024?

For small businesses to achieve success, company leaders must make employee engagement a high priority. This engagement directly impacts your team’s satisfaction, and can boost productivity and talent retention. One way enterprises try to nurture employee engagement is through company events. While work parties can be enjoyable for team members, they can also be a double-edged sword.

Evaluating the Success of Mergers in the Digital Content Industry

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) can be a beneficial but challenging undertaking in any industry. Even after months of careful planning, businesses must monitor their M&A’s success to determine any necessary strategy changes in the future. That’s not always as easy as it seems, especially in the digital content industry.

Building Trust in an Age of Increasing Employee Monitoring Software

As remote work has surged, so has employee monitoring software. These tools go by many names and serve many purposes, but they all share the same overall function — to keep an eye on what workers are doing. They also share the same questions about privacy and ethics.

Managers need to be able to keep their teams on track. At the same time, they need their employees’ trust, but it’s hard for people to trust someone they feel is looking over their shoulder 24/7. Addressing this balance is key to success in modern workplaces.

7 Key Steps To Achieve Sustainability in Business Operations by 2024

Customers increasingly want to prioritize companies that operate sustainably. Many expect their favorite organizations to uphold sustainable business operations and will go elsewhere if that doesn’t happen. Sustainable business enhancements don’t happen overnight but are gradually achievable when people take decisive actions.

1. Set Measurable Goals

Begin by choosing some challenging but reachable goals you can easily track. Start by focusing on a broad aim. Then, determine how you’ll measure it and decide what constitutes success.

Revamping Your B2B Sales Pipeline: Key Steps for a Successful Restructuring Process

A B2B sales pipeline becomes more effective with restructuring and tweaking parts that might work better. As customers come and go and you specialize in various industries, you’ll find the methods that worked in the beginning no longer do the trick. Making a few minor changes can result in higher conversion rates and more revenue from each client.

The process from connecting with a lead to closing a sale is complex. Restructuring your methods requires following a list of steps so you miss nothing crucial in the equation. Here are some of the keys to a successful reboot.

How to Develop a Successful Tech Product Launch Strategy: Step-by-Step Guide

Your tech product launch can spur sales and drive you toward success or end in dismal failure. The planning stages are some of the most crucial steps in releasing something new into the world. The best way to ensure you don’t miss any customer touch points is to go step by step.

Start with ideas, add buyer personas and develop a marketing plan to get the word out about how your device solves problems. Here are the stages to take you through your tech product launch from beginning to raging success.