One Thousand Drupal Sites

I haven't seen this on Planet Drupal, so thought it was worthy to post myself.  After 16 months since going now how 1000 sites listed.

Good news everyone: 1000 great Drupal powered sites are listed at! A big thank you and congratulations everyone! Keep it coming!

I don't visit the site too often, but have used it when I'm in a pinch to show someone examples of Drupal powered sites.

Joomla 1.5 beta-2 Overview

In a blog on the Joomla! Developer Network, Wilco Jansen posted an article describing the changes that have taken place between Joomla!  1.5's beta-1 and beta-2.

The following are some of the changes in user features for Joomla! 1.5 beta-2 that caught my eye: 

  • Implemented caching
  • Refactored session management for JSession, database, files, APC, and eAccelerator.
  • Complete refactoring of the installer
  • Added new archive libraries to better support zip|gzip|tar file extraction
  • Several improvements on default Joomla! templates, including support of newest browsers
  • Added open-id support
  • Further LDAP improvements
  • Further improvements on the media manager like the ability to remove multiple files, or image preview option
  • Added windows support on the FTP layer

Of the above features changes, I'm probably most interested in the implementation of caching as well as the the refactored session management.  These changes should really help improve Joomla's performance on the server.  Plus, as most of you know, I'm a big fan of eAccelerator and any other tools to get the server humming along.

Why open source gets my attention

From CMS Report's very beginning, I had every intention to talk about not only those content management systems (CMS) that are open source, but also those CMS that are considered propriety systems.  I personally don't have a problem seeing companies making profit for the products they develop and promote.  Yet, if you look at the majority of posts I have written in the past year you'll find that about 95% of the articles center around open source CMS and not propriety systems.  Part of the reason I don't talk much about propriety CMS is tha

Donncha: Catch it if you can! WordPress MU 1.1.1 escaped!

I could not help but chuckle when I read this post. Donncha O Caoimh hinted that he may have released WordPress MU 1.1.1 a day earlier then he intended. Sort of like sending that e-mail or blog post sooner then you had intended.  Despite the release of WordPress MU 1.1.1 a day early, it still sounds as if you can expect a good package out of this version.

Linux on the Dell PC

I can only hope that Dell is serious this time around about putting Linux on the desktop.  From ComputerWorld:

After collecting some 1,800 new product and service ideas from IT users and customers using an online "suggestion box," Dell Inc. has announced that it's taking the user suggestions seriously and will soon debut and sell a new line of certified, user-ready Linux-loaded desktop and laptop computers.

Serendipity 1.1.1 and sneek peek at Serendipity 1.2

Serendipity 1.1.1 was released to fix a few bugs. This is the first update to Serendipity 1.1 since it was first released at the end of 2006. The 1.1.1 update does not include any security fixes so you may not even need to update unless you've experienced one of these bugs:

  • Windows IIS server cookie/session authentication problem when not running via HTTPS
  • Change execution order of trackbacks to properly send them when a failure occurs
  • Display proper plugin permissionship restrictions when the admin user is not part of the group that is restricted
  • Fixed a bug that some plugins were not able to properly execute in the entry detail view

In a blog post at the Serendipity site, Garvin also commented on the feature improvements that can be expected for Serendipity 1.2. Users of the weblog application can expect the following in Serendipity 1.2 once it is released :

  • Improvements on the authentication/plugin API sequence to better support future plugins like OpenID.