Next Generation Mollom: The Enterprise-Ready Content Moderation Platform

Yesterday, Dries Buytaert announced on his blog that Acquia has released the next generation of Mollom, the Mollom Content Moderation Platform. The new Mollom platform is being billed by Acquia as the "first cloud content moderation platform built for the enterprise". Mollom is capable of reducing the time that’s required to moderate large volumes of user-generated content. Personally having used Mollom to assist me in moderating user content for small to medium sites, I would think the need for something like Mollom is even greater for enterprises with an even larger web presence.

Business websites can be crippled by spam; more than 90 percent of the content submitted to websites is unwanted spam, much containing links to irrelevant sites and suspicious offers. Manually deleting spam from comments, registration and contact-form submissions is arduous work. Mollom solves the spam problem for businesses with a cloud platform that filters and removes virtually all spam submissions.

In a two year period, Mollom was responsible in blocking spam from over 100,000 user-generated posts containing spam here at CMS Report alone. To date, Mollom has caught more than 2.2 billion spam posts across more than 57,000 social websites and communities. Think about that, over 2 billion spam posts automatically blocked from sites like yours and mine. With 99.98% accuracy, the Mollom Content Moderation Platform helps organizations embrace social marketing and delivers content quality assurance with the speed, scalability and reliability that enterprises require.

The Mollom Content Moderation Platform enables organizations that manage many websites to moderate all social content from a central dashboard. New features in the Mollom Content Moderation Platform include:

  • A moderation dashboard that provides a single view of social content from hundreds of websites
  • Machine learning and text analytics to identify potentially harmful content automatically
  • Filtering of foreign language contributions and accurate sorting among 75 recognized languages
  • Moderation team workflow management tools, and
  • An enterprise-ready infrastructure supported by two geographically disparate data centers.

“Social engagement is driving a massive expansion of digital experiences for both mobile and the traditional web,” said Tom Erickson, Acquia CEO. “With the Mollom Content Moderation Platform, organizations can manage social content with the confidence that their brand will be protected with our enterprise-ready content assurance solution.” By simplifying the content moderation process, Mollom provides significant ROI for brands seeking to increase their social footprint.

Mollom supports social web communities powered by a variety of platforms and libraries including Drupal, Java, Python, Perl, .NET and Ruby; proprietary CMSs including Adobe CQ5 and Sitecore may be supported through custom integrations. In addition to helping organizations manage large volumes of user-generated content, the solution can also support authenticated user validation and workflow management for in-house moderation teams.

If you're still a little confused with how Mollom works then check out Bryan House's video providing an overview of the Mollom Content Moderation Platform. A more detailed summary of how Mollom works can be found on the Mollom website.