Drupal Newbies and Contributed Modules

The Newbie Issue

DrupliconI received an interesting e-mail the other day through the contact form at my site regarding the social bookmarking "features" I have for my posts.  The questions asked to me are quite common among new users of any Web content management system.  While the questions in this particular e-mail I received would be more appropriate to be asked and answered in the forums

Has XOOPS lost its appeal?

What really keeps an open source project going? I think it all starts when someone in the open source community asks the tough questions. Take for instance this one, "Has XOOPS lost its appeal?". The project will evolve depending on how the project responds to such challenging questions. In this particular case, those closer to the open source project asked in a proactive response, "How do we give XOOPS appeal and user satisfaction?".

eGroupWare 1.2 maintenance release

I'm just catching up on the eGroupWare news.  For those that may not have noticed, a bugfix and maintenance release for the 1.2 branch of eGroupWare went out last month.  The changes/fixes included:

  • PHP5.2 compatibility
  • various fixes in the calendar
  • PostgreSQL 8.1 compatibility
  • Setup/LDAP import fixed

My place of business has started using eGroupWare for the IT folks so you can expect more coverage by me of eGroupWare than you've seen in the past.

The New Workforce: Millennials (Generation Y) in your Organization

In late 2006 and early 2007, a resurgence of articles began focused on the generation of workers entering the workforce after Generation X. This generation, born after 1980, has also been called other names including Generation Y, the Millennials, and Generation Next. As it has always been, organizations must continue to learn and adapt when generational changes take place in the work force. The next generation of workers now entering the organization promises to "rewrite" the rules for those of us in information technology.

IE7 update available for Vista while Windows XP users wait

Steve Reynolds, Microsoft Internet Explorer Program Manager, announced on the Microsoft Internet Explorer Blog that an update for Internet Explorer 7 is available. The IE7 update "addresses an issue experienced by some users where CPU usage is high when they are navigating a page that contains multiple frames or when multiple frames are navigated simultaneously".

Taking 'no' one step further

On Planet Drupal, there have been a number of posts lately about the difficulty project leaders and developers have in  saying "no" while working on a project.  As much as Project leaders want to please both their client and their team members, real leaders understand the responsibilities they have in saying "no".  More specifically, I'm talking about Boris Mann's post, "Susan Mernit on the role of "no" in product development" as well as Laura Scott's own post You've got t

53 ways to get to know CSS

One of the easiest ways to change a well written theme in a Web content management system is by tweaking the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). To be honest, I'm horrible at theme development. I prefer to focus my time on function, administration, and content of the information system. However, any bit of information that helps you tweak those themes you downloaded for that CMS is good news, right? After enough tweaks, you can may just have a theme with a style you can call your very own.

Packt offers free sample chapter from Alfresco book

From the Sample Chapter Kshipra Singh of Packt Publishing sent me an e-mail the other day. Packt Publishing focuses on the publication of computer and information technology books intended to be read by developers, administrators, and newbies. Mr. Singh wanted to let me know that they just recently published a new book for the Alfresco CMS. The book is titled, Alfresco Enterprise Content Management Implementation, and is written by Munwar Sharrif.

Packt Publishing has offered me "a sample chapter from this book, to be published" here at CMS Report . To make things easy we decided just to offer the link onsite to the sample chapter stored directly on Packt Publishing's servers. You can download the the sample chapter in PDF format. The sample chapter being provided is Chapter 5, "Implementing Document Management".

Given that I only have the sample chapter on Alfresco to read, I hesitate to offer any type of review for the book. I will say, however, that just in the opening pages of the sample chapther the author had my attention on his reasons for using Alfresco as well as writing the book.

Unlike most other open-source CMSes, which offered only web content management, Alfresco provided a wide range of solutions to Enterprise customers with an impressive roadmap. And most importantly, it is created using completely open standards. This excited us a lot, and we started implementing Alfresco in many enterprises...I have trained many users, administrators, and developers in Alfresco and many other systems. This book distils the hands-on approach of my training courses into a concise, practical book. The book focuses on business needs rather than technical syntax.

The author also make a brief mention that there are currently around 1700 content management systems out there on the market.  No wonder I have been feeling a little behind keeping up on today's content management systems!  Either way, if you have read or are reading the book...I'd be glad to hear your thoughts on either Alfresco or the book.  Feel free to leave your comments here on this page.