OpenCms 9 Improves In-Place Editing and Device Support

There is a new version of OpenCMS available, OpenCms 9. OpenCms is an enterprise ready web content management solution built in Java and XML from open source components. OpenCms can has historically been easily deployed on almost any existing IT infrastructure and suited for medium and large enterprise internet or intranet applications. This new version was developed by Alkacon Software GmbH with the support of the international OpenCms developer community.

OpenCms 9 brings several enhancements while being fully backward compatible with OpenCms 8.x. Significant new features and improvements in OpenCms 9 include:

  • Improved "in place" editing of web pages for text and also for images and other content types.
  • Enhanced support for different devices with preview and device specific content control.
  • Access to the content repository over a shared network drive.
  • Detail pages now allow individual content to be added with drag & drop.
  • A new site management tool allows simple configuration of multiple sites.
  • Automated / scripted setup option, great for continuous integration builds.
  • Optimized build process using Gradle.
  • Improved configuration for content formatters.
  • Updated responsive demo template based on Bootstrap 3.

OpenCms is open source software distributed under the LGPL license. The developers recommend everyone who uses OpenCms to update to the version 9 release. OpenCms 9 is fully backward compatible to all prior 8.x versions. Templates and other OpenCms developed code from these versions should work "out of the box" with version 9.

Additional information about OpenCms 9 and download information can be found on the original release announcement found at