Making The Business Case for Web Content Management

Michael Silverman has a great article on The Content Wrangler regarding content management. The full title of the article is "Making The Business Case for Web Content Management: First, Admit You Have A Problem".  The article is a one-stop place for explaining content management, why a business or organization should implement a content management system (CMS), and tips for choosing and implementing a CMS. and

Is there anyone else disappointed that and now mirror each other in content?  In the past I've called this the CMS déjà vu phenomenon.  I'm not sure what to think about it.  No wait, I do know what I think about the two sites basically merging into one...I don't like it.  I really do miss the diversity in stories the two separate sites once offered.

Plone 3.0 Released

Last week, Plone 3.0 was released.  Plone is the content management system that runs on the Python-based Zope application server. The install of Plone is known to be very easy with Plone, Python, and Zope already packaged together in the installer.

Highlights to the new features/improvements in Plone 3.0 that the Plone team would like to stress via their announcement are listed below.   I provided links to further details on those features I thought needed a better explanation or were just too exciting to leave alone.

  • Full version support, history and reverting to older revisions
  • Improved performance
  • Inline (Ajax) editing

Jared Ritchey: Bryan Ruby’s

It is my non-bias opinion that Jared Ritchey may be one of this century's finest writers.  Oh let's just choose a random post as an example and see what he has to say regarding content management systems.
I love well rounded and informative information. Bryan Ruby, the author, publisher, webmaster for has a SPANK of good information and resources regarding many of todays top CMS solutions on the web.