European Union's FOSS Education Portal based on Drupal

Thumnail of the SELF Drupal site

I just can't believe the year Drupal is having.  There has been an explosion of Drupal sites almost everywhere you turn.  Drupal is very popular with the masses in 2007.  So popular in fact, that I wonder as with all things popular if we'll be seeing 2008 as the backlash year against Drupal as it has quickly evolves as a litmus test for open source CMS (one of my predictions for 2008).

The latest Drupal-based site to flash on the screen of my browser is the portal (currently in beta) for the European Commission sponsored Science, Education and Learning in Freedom (SELF ) project.  The site aims to be a community-driven platform for the production and distribution of educational materials. Its sustainability depends on the building of a strong community of users and participants of the platform.  The site may actually be live by the time you read this post.

ComputerWorld: Respect and Beyond Process Design

There are a couple new articles at ComputerWorld that peaked my interest and may be something you too will be interested in reading.  The first is an opinion piece by Frank Hayes, "Frankly Speaking: Rewiring Respect for IT".

Why don’t IT people get more respect? On this Labor Day, things are actually looking better for people who work in corporate IT. Budgets aren’t quite so tight. Companies are hiring. Interesting IT projects are getting a green light. But when it comes to how our fellow employees think about us, IT work is a train wreck. Users break the rules we set up, ignore the proc­esses we develop and generally act as if we’re clueless in what we do.

On a different subject, Bruce A. Steward has written an article to remind us that supporting our customers is more than just improving the business process.

Making The Business Case for Web Content Management

Michael Silverman has a great article on The Content Wrangler regarding content management. The full title of the article is "Making The Business Case for Web Content Management: First, Admit You Have A Problem".  The article is a one-stop place for explaining content management, why a business or organization should implement a content management system (CMS), and tips for choosing and implementing a CMS. and

Is there anyone else disappointed that and now mirror each other in content?  In the past I've called this the CMS déjà vu phenomenon.  I'm not sure what to think about it.  No wait, I do know what I think about the two sites basically merging into one...I don't like it.  I really do miss the diversity in stories the two separate sites once offered.