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RealWire is an award-winning online press release distribution service with over 10 years of expertise and is first choice for many of the UK’s top digital PR and internet marketing professionals. RealWire has been the UK’s leading innovator in press release distribution introducing a Social Media News Release option in 2007 and its patent pending targeting system, PRFilter, in 2010.

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Mimecast: Information workers becoming frustrated ‘Inbox workers’

New research from Mimecast finds that the role of the inbox is changing as users spend more than half their working day using email

Information workers’ reliance on email is turning them into ‘Inbox Workers’ who spend the majority of their time on email and shun social media at work, according to new research launched today by Mimecast®, the leading supplier of cloud-based email archiving, continuity and security for Microsoft Exchange, Hosted Exchange and Office 365.

Jadu helps Norgren connect global to local

Robust multilingual web CMS helps global businesses optimize local content, improve search results

CHICAGO, IL - With more than 30 websites covering 75 countries, in 25 languages, some sites as old as 10 years, Norgren, Inc., a world leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control, had an online problem. From a marketing point of view they needed a suite of fresh-looking, informative, easy-to-navigate websites. From a business point of view, they needed a timely, localized way to present specific content to multiple industries and multiple markets in multiple languages while maintaining a consistent corporate brand.

Accelerate Time to Market with EPiServer Cloud

Platform-as-a-service model shortens time to “clicks” for online marketers, digital agencies and developers

London, UK - 26th April 2011: EPiServer, the world’s fastest growing provider of platforms that drive online engagement, has launched a cloud version of the company’s innovative content management solution. Packaged and hosted on EPiServer’s Everweb service, the web-based solution combines EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Composer to allow interactive marketers and web developers to quickly create key components of their online presence and operate them in a cost effective way.

EPiServer CMS is already reputed as a flexible, dynamic system for managing online properties, and EPiServer Cloud delivers the same comprehensive functionality that is easy for developers, simple for marketers and engaging for visitors. The offering’s platform-as-a-service model allows developers to configure, customize, and integrate websites to meet marketing and communication requirements.  The cloud version enables marketers to move at the pace their global business dictates while allowing IT professionals to focus on their priorities. 

EPiServer Cloud is an ideal solution for creating websites when time-to-market is a factor or when the lifecycle of the site is uncertain.  The solution is cost effective because you only pay for the services you use. AssociaDirect, an EPiServer partner and association marketing agency, benefits from the online platform’s ease of implementation and streamlined deployment capability when building and managing websites for association tradeshows.

Butlins' Online Overhaul with SDL Tridion Pays Dividends

Maidenhead, UK, 13th August 2009 – SDL Tridion, leader in Web Content Management (WCM) and part of SDL, leader in Global Information Management (GIM), today announces that Butlins’ new website has resulted in significant net benefits, notably a 21% increase in web traffic.  Working with Building Blocks to implement SDL Tridion’s content management platform, combined with a site re-design, has provided Butlins with a significantly more robust online environment.  Butlins can now take new, competitive offers to market quicker, increase the frequency of such offers, handle the subsequent spike in online traffic, and ultimately convert more sales.