Always something new in a mojoPortal release

mojoPortal was released over the weekend.  The main purpose for the release was to fix a bug in the MS SQL version of the blog that was introduced in version  Yet, one thing I've learned about mojoPortal is that in many of their bug fix releases...they almost always add some new new or enhanced features.  This release is no exception.

New items in mojoPortal that are worth mentioning include:

Best Open Source non-PHP CMS: mojoPortal Wins, Plone second and Silva third

Packt Publishing is creating quite an exciting week in the world of open source content management systems.  The publishing company announced the winner of their Best Open Source Other CMS Award and it's mojoPortal!

Packt can exclusively reveal the second category winner of the Open Source Content Management System Award as mojoPortal, winning Best Other Open Source CMS. In another tight category, mojoPortal came out ahead of Plone and Silva who came second and third respectively.

Congratulations to mojoPortal for recieving the award.  mojoPortal holds dear to CMS Report's heart on the simple fact that it's project leader, Joe Audette, really was the very first project leader that sent us an e-mail to call attention to his content management system.  I feel like we've grown up together.

Same version of mojoPortal supporting once again .Net and Mono

Since most of the Web applications I run these days is on PHP I will fully admit that I don't know much about .Net and Mono applications.  However, I can recognize good news when I hear that it.  mojoPortal under a new version number can once again support more both the .Net and Mono platforms.  For developers and users of mojoPortal, life just got a little simpler.

mojoPortal Leader Devoting More Time on Project

When open source projects becomes more popular the project leaders often need to increase the time spent on their projects. The increasingly popular Windows-based content management system (CMS), mojoPortal, is no exception to this rule. mojoPortal's project leader, Joe Audette, recently announced on his blog that he is currently making career changes show he can better nurture the mojoPortal project along:

A first look at mojoPortal

A couple days ago I opened my Thunderbird e-mail client on my Windows XP system and found an e-mail from Joe Audette of the mojoPortal project. "Mojo whata?", I asked. I thought I knew most of the content management projects (CMS) projects around, but this one didn't ring a bell. After reading his e-mail, I understood I likely have not heard much about his project because my focus on CMS has been a little too narrow lately.

In his e-mail, Audette writes, "Hi, just wondering if you only cover CMS's using php technology or if you would consider giving any press to .NET/Mono based projects? Any coverage of my project mojoPortal would be much appreciated."

As I've mentioned in past posts, I have a strong desire to cover more than just PHP Web applications. mojoPortal, named after Audette's dog, is written in C# and runs under ASP.NET on Windows or under mono on Linux or Mac. Already the talk of a CMS using a blend of Microsoft and open source tools was peaking my interest.