Social Umami and Liferay Portal

I like the concept of Social Umami as it likely would be what you would get if you combined Pinterest, Amazon, and Facebook all into one site.  Social Umami is a product recommendation network for the social consumer (that's you and me). People can share their favorite products with friends, purchase their latest finds, get recommendations or discover and follow other Umami users and their tips.

I've been an occasional beta tester of this social network for several months. The site definitely has some rough edges to it which is likely why it is still in beta. However, if you have ever met Manish Dixit, a co-founder of Social Umami, you soon realize this site has the building blocks of something big. Social Umami is a evolving site with lots of ideas that just needs a little more time to come into fruition.

Social Umami is also a great example of what Liferay can do for social networking and shows that Liferay is much more than a portal. I've attached Liferay's recent press release announcing Social Umami officially to the press and public. This is a site that I encourage you to look at more than once whether you're a Liferay fan or a social networking fan.

New Social Network Features Rich Social Collaboration Capabilities within Liferay Platform

Social Umami leverages Liferay’s out-of-the-box tools to create viral shopping experience

LOS ANGELES — (February 14, 2012) — Liferay, Inc., provider of the world’s leading enterprise-class open source portal, announced today the launch of a new social shopping network by Liferay partner Social Umami that was built on the Liferay platform. Social Umami, which allows users to share their favorite consumer products with friends, is now available in beta at

Social Umami is an innovative new social networking site where users list, rate, and comment on their favorite consumer products.  Users can then share their lists within their social network of friends and followers, who in turn can comment, rate, or even buy products based on their friends’ recommendations.  The site leverages a basic principle of consumerism: people are more likely to purchase a product on the recommendation of a friend who has experience or expertise on that product. Users whose followers buy products based on their recommendations are uniquely rewarded, encouraging people to participate even more. 

The team at Social Umami chose the Liferay Portal platform over competing platforms and tool kits because it offered a greater number of innovative features and a faster delivery time. Liferay Portal’s web-publishing capabilities were a strong factor in this choice as were its built-in social framework to track individual user activities and relationships within specific groups and a larger network. An additional Chrome extension was developed allowing users to "like" products from anywhere on the web, making the Social Umami services available to users no matter where they are on the Internet. 

Nearly 85 percent of Social Umami’s functionality is based on Liferay’s out-of-the-box features.  The site brings rich social interactions and allows users to:

  • · Create User Profiles defining interests and expertise
  • · Build personalized lists of products that they rate, comment, recommend
  • · Share product recommendations with friends
  • · Follow friends and experts
  • · Track interesting products and follow pricing from multiple e-commerce sites

“Social Umami richly demonstrates the breadth of social collaboration solutions possible in the Liferay Portal as a platform for externally facing social media sites,” said Ed Chung, Liferay’s VP of Product Management.

 “Liferay Portal as a development platform helped Social Umami rapidly deliver the features we desired to manage content and user interactions in a social environment,” said Manish Dixit, co-founder of Social Umami.  “We could not stage, publish, or manage the Social Umami service without Liferay’s unique capabilities. We were up and running in far less time and with much less development than if we had used either complex enterprise platforms or simple web development tools.  We have also found that there are features in Liferay that will allow us to add new features much faster and maintain them for less cost over the software lifecycle.”

To learn more about the Liferay platform, visit To learn more about Social Umami and to join the network, visit

About Social Umami

Social Umami is the product recommendation network for the social consumer. People can share their favorite products with friends, purchase their latest finds, get recommendations or discover and follow other Umami users and their tips. Products, music, movies, apps—all the things that people love can be found on Social Umami.

About Liferay

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