Is SMS Marketing via Text Messages on The Rise for Businesses?

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Is SMS Marketing via Text Messages on The Rise for Businesses?

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 18:54
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An effective SMS mobile marketing strategy wisely along with keeping your business goals in mind will attract and retain customers.

Many business owners state that SMS marketing is now becoming popular over email marketing when it comes to promoting goods and services. It is indeed an effective channel that has potential benefits, and this is why both small and large businesses across the world are opting for SMS marketing for their marketing and promotional needs.

Is SMS marketing on the rise- significant benefits of SMS mobile marketing campaigns

The following are the key advantages as to why SMS marketing campaigns are popular for businesses across the world-

  1. Immediate delivery- SMS can be instantly delivered to mobile phones in just a few seconds. This is beneficial for those campaigns that are time sensitive. These campaigns demand immediate action, and SMS marketing mainly helps them.
  2. Direct to the consumer- The SMS is delivered directly to the consumer. This improves customer engagement and response.
  3. Better open rates- Compared to email marketing, SMS marketing has an improved open rate. Most consumers open an SMS the moment they arrive. Some statistics reveal that 99% of these messages will be opened in the first 3 minutes of their arrival. This is much higher over the average 33% of messages being opened in an email.
  4. Short messages are always to the point-When you opt for SMS marketing for your business, you need to draft short messages. They are to-the-point. This is why they are suited for sending deals and other offers to the consumer. They are ideal for time-sensitive offers that are about to expire soon.
  5. Better conversion rates- Conversion rates for SMS are higher than emails. The campaigns are affordable, and this is why its success rates make it a valuable tool for the marketing success of your business.

Convert leads better with SMS content

If you are looking for better lead conversions for your business, SMS marketing is the right choice because you do not need any internet connection to send your messages across to the targeted audience. This is one reason why SMS mobile marketing is popular in the market today. Businesses prefer SMS mobile marketing primarily because a message is delivered in just 15 seconds after being sent. The message reaches every consumer with any device or mobile plan. There is evidence that SMS mobile marketing has better customer engagement rates over Facebook, Skype, Email marketing, etc.

When your customers opt for SMS marketing messages, you can reach and connect with them at appropriate times for your business. For instance, if you are the owner of a restaurant, you can send an SMS to your customers to encourage them for a special menu lunch at your restaurant. When you are managing an SMS mobile marketing campaign, you should not send the SMS at the wrong time to the customer. This again will trigger a negative response. If you are too frequent with SMS sending, your customer might get frustrated and block further messages. Most consumers have smartphones today, and you can block messages if you want to from other numbers that disturb you. Therefore, be careful and cautious when you are delivering messages to your customers. Ensure the timing of these SMS messages is right.

The right time is crucial to the success of your SMS mobile marketing campaign

Reliable companies in the field of SMS mobile marketing like SimpleTexting state you should be aware of the right timing of your message to be successful in the market. You can also send real-time information to your customers with SMS instantly. For example, a bus company can inform their customers about the change in bus routes or times instantly with a simple SMS. This allows the business to add a personal touch to their relationships with their clients. This really helps them to market their products and services to them as well.

Trigger improved sales with SMS marketing

Sales representatives have noticed that the conventional means of sales communication do not work anymore. It has been observed that the popularity of SMS mobile marketing is rising. This is why businesses are now paying attention to these mobile marketing campaigns to reach out to the end user effectively. The strategies are improving, and businesses are attaining the desired results as well.

24/7 support round-the-clock

When it comes to customer support, customers like to have their queries and complaints addressed through SMS. Businesses can take common questions and create answers to them beforehand so that when customers request for help, they get these answers delivered instantly to them via SMS. This creates a deep bond of trust between the customer and the business. Besides, support and help, a business can go the extra mile and deliver how to do guides, tips, and advice on simple queries via SMS. Even a password reset will work well for mobile devices via SMS too.

Customer engagement and retention improves with SMS mobile marketing campaigns

Business experts state that SMS mobile marketing also helps in customer engagement and retention. This is a recent trend that is becoming popular across the globe today. Most businesses not only focus on the acquisition of new customers but they also take care of the existing customers they have. This helps them to retain existing customers. If present customers are retained, they become committed to the brand. This makes them loyal, and gradually they spread your business brand via word-of-mouth marketing.

From the above, it is evident, SMS mobile marketing is the new emerging trend in the market that is becoming very popular. More and more businesses are stepping forward to accept SMS mobile marketing for their promotion and marketing campaigns. The success rates are good, and businesses have attained desired results. The time of SMS mobile marketing should be right, and you must ensure you do not spam your customer with too many messages regularly in one go. If you create an effective SMS mobile marketing strategy wisely keeping your business goals in mind, you effectively can attract new customers and retain existing ones without much effort at all!

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