Great News, a 600,000 drop in traffic rank

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that Alexa, a Web search and site statistics company, had wrongly merged CMS Report with a couple other unrelated sites under At the time my traffic rank stood at 218,200. Luckily, Alexa has a procedure that lets you contact them so they can separate your site from the other sites.

In that story, I also mentioned that:

Ironically, my site may initially be worse off in Alexa's traffic ranks by separating it as its own site. Once my site is separated from the other sites I'm not so sure the 98% of the traffic I've contributed in the past to's ranking will travel to

Well my conjecture wasn't wrong. Earlier this week, as promised by Alexa became its own site under their traffic ranks.

Initially, CMS Report, was given a three month traffic ranking of 830,790 which would be close to a 400% drop in Alexa's traffic ranking. Currently, I couldn't be happier. That's because my weekly stats were ranked around 125,000 which indicates a promising future for this site and my stats through Alexa.

Listed below are my current statistics with Hopefully by the time you read this my three month stats with Alexa will be much better than my initial week with them. As of this writing, Alexa still has to update their screenshot for