The Enterprise B2B Artificial Intelligence Race Heats Up

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The Enterprise B2B Artificial Intelligence Race Heats Up

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 05:11

Sales & Commercial Teams Next in Line to Benefit Following Artesian Solutions’ Latest Product Release

London 19th June 2017: The latest release from Artesian Solutions builds on its leading enterprise engagement platform to establish the foundations of an Artificial Intelligence future that promises a revolution in the effectiveness of sales and commercial teams.

Launched today, the latest release includes an Artificially Intelligent ‘Insight Agent’ – the first step in a series of intelligent chat bots aimed at automating many of the tasks carried out by B2B professionals daily. With the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques such as advanced natural language processing and behavioural analytics, Insight Agent monitors an individuals or company opportunity pipeline, continually looking for triggers from over 1 billion news and commercially relevant social media articles every year, learning and filtering based on individual user requirements. This allows it to deliver commercially valuable and immediately actionable insights, telling the user what they need to know and what action they need to take. The result is a step change in commercial productivity and customer engagement resulting in improved sales forecasting and increased pipeline velocity.

Steve Borthwick, Chief Technology Officer at Artesian explains:

The evolution of Natural Language Processing, Machine Based Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology is set to have a profound impact on the activities of those in commercial teams. This product release is a significant stepping stone towards an AI future, the culmination of months of behind-the-scenes R&D based on an incredibly rich understanding of the enterprise B2B landscape through the eyes of some of the biggest and most influential companies in the world. We have been working closely with them to understand what their future looks like and where the biggest gains can be made.

Artesian has been evolving and improving its relevance and analytic algorithms over the last 10 years, benefiting from the feedback and success that our trusted customers have provided, and that has always kept them one step ahead of the sales intelligence race.

Andrew Yates, CEO at Artesian, adds:

At Artesian, we are constantly looking towards the next horizon. Artificial Intelligence is not only an enabler of productivity, it will profoundly change work processes, as well as the very nature of decision making. Companies that invest in early forms of AI now will no doubt emerge as the leaders in their field as they experience unrivalled improvements in the way their sales, commercial and customer facing teams operate.

This latest release without doubt places Artesian at the leading edge of innovation for enterprise B2B. It delivers the first milestone on our road-map to predicting customer needs, automating and directing pipeline activities, and the delivery of hyper-personalised communications and custom marketing.