Crossroads: Determining the future of

Slowly but surely, has turned into a nice side business for me. The problem is that this site has grown to a point that it demands more of my time than I can currently offer it. The future of CMS Report is now sitting at crossroad. I plan to be spending the next few months deciding where this site should go from here.

Some of the options I am considering for this site include:

  • Partnering with others to build a bigger and better I wouldn't mind seeing this site become more of a community driven site.
  • Selling, both domain and site, to a company or someone whom can take this site to the next level.
  • Returning back to its roots as a personal blog.

Five years ago, I started CMS Report by wanting to build a website focused on reporting today's news in the world of content management systems (CMS). At the time, I was obsessed with information systems and realized that a CMS is one of the best vehicles to putting the ideals of information systems into practice. My goal was to either blog here at the site about content management or to refer others to CMS stories posted elsewhere. My strategy was to make this site my personal bookmark for stories that would interest me and perhaps a few others that might share my interest in this emerging market of Web content management.

The size and quality of the audience for this site and content management system news in general took me by surprise. I worked hard making CMS Report meet the needs of a growing audience. When people began requesting the ability to submit stories of their own to the site, I made that happen. When companies took notice of the quality audience visiting this site they started requesting options to sponsor and advertise here at CMS Report. So be it, I needed to pay the bills. Finally, a large number of people recognized that I liked to refer others to good content management stories even at other sites and requested that I included their site. Thus began Planet CMS through the help of aggregating news feeds.

At this moment in time, I'm not sure where I need to take from here. So, I'm open to ideas, advice, and suggestions. If you have a better option than the three options I proposed above, I would be glad to listen to what you have to say. The end game is that I want to be able to spend more time blogging about my interests and less time managing and maintaining this site. I want to do all this without killing