Top 5 Big Data Visualization Plugins for WordPress

Living in a world that is on the verge of explosion with the sheer volume of data points, 'big data' organizations are increasingly on the lookout for a comprehensive platform which can bring the required business intelligence for providing conclusive insights. Besides being capable of sophisticated data analysis and reporting, the ideal platform should also possess the ability to represent data in a way that stands out from the rest of the competing data streams.

If 'data' can be referred to as a form of 'currency', then the 'World Wide Web' would act as an 'exchange consortium' which facilitates its trading. From a technological perspective, the need of the hour is to come up with efficiency based data models which can simplify the process of data representation by offering accurate insights with just a single glance.

Not only for the larger enterprises dealing in 'big data' projects, the significance of data analysis and representation holds true even for a budding online startup venture. Simply finding the best wordpress hosting company and building an eye-catching business website may not be enough for attaining success. You need to effectively research and analyze the behavior of your customers for planning your business strategy in the right manner. That's where a data visualization tool comes in to the picture.

There are individuals who may not have the technical expertise to analyze loads of data or may not be trained as data scientists, but Data Visualization tools can provide them a readily evident way to comprehend the findings and help them to arrive at meaningful conclusions. That's the ultimate objective behind visual representation of data.

For analyzing data and determining the best ways to represent it on your WordPress website, here's a collection of five awesome data visualization tools which can serve the purpose well.

5. Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

It's a great tool to easily turn data into an interactive chart or graph, a sortable and searchable table, or a combination of both. You can use data stored in a Google Spreadsheet, CSV file, or MySQL database as the input stream. It lets you embed live previews of PDF, XLS, DOC and many other widely used file formats. This tool comes with an inbuilt cache, which can boost up the page load speed significantly.

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4. WordPress Charts:

With over 15,000 active downloads and a 4.8+ rating, it is easily the most preferred data visualization tool when it comes to WordPress developers. This powerful plugin allows you to create 6 different types of HTML5 based graphs and charts - line graph, bar graph, pie chart, radar chart, doughnut graph and polar area. These are highly customizable. You can play with the color pallette styling and also include animation effects, if needed. Besides adding the charts on your posts and pages, you can also display the charts on widget areas.

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3. ChartBoot:

With this powerful yet light-weight WordPress plugin, you can leverage the benefit of creating 18 different chart types, including 3D effects, table, timeline and tree map functionalities. ChartBoot comes with 'shortcode' feature to display the charts anywhere on your website with a simple copy+paste job. You can import data stored on Excel or Calc to create elegant, 3-dimensional visual representations. It can also be used to embed Google Charts on your posts and pages.

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2. Visualizer:

Visualizer is an easy-to-use graphical data representation tool to create, manage and embed interactive charts in to your WordPress website. This free plugin can be used to display a range of 9 different chart types. You can import data by uploading files from your computer. It also works with online file repository, so you can use Google Spreadsheets as the source data.

The best part of Visualizer is its 'Responsive' chart design. Whether your users are viewing from desktop devices or smartphones, you can trust its responsiveness to fit the charts in to screens of all sizes correctly. As the charts are rendered using HTML5, they don’t create any overhead on your server resource utilization.

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1. WP Business Intelligence:

WP Business Intelligence transforms your WordPress website in to a reporting platform with responsive charts and tables. With its dynamic query concept, WPBI suite helps you to come up with real-time data representation dashboards. It allows you to connect to any internal or external database instances to retrieve data and update charts and tables on a real-time basis.

It can also be used for enhancing user interactions. To keep the readers engaged, you may let them customize the outlook of the charts or even allow them to download the raw data in CSV file format. Arguably the most comprehensive tool for representing data visually on your WordPress website, WPBI is compatible with a host of different databases including MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

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Data visualization is an amazing way to quickly draw the users' attention to the key highlights. So are you ready to add this functionality to your WordPress website and impress your clients and partners?

Author Bio: A passionate freelance blogger and internet marketing expert, Jack Danielson has more than 3 years of experience as a marketing guru, social media expert and search engine optimization consultant. Besides inspiring small-to-large corporations in realizing their business potential, Jack thoroughly enjoys the challenges associated with starting a blog and enhancing its organic traffic by means of search engine optimization.