Practical Approaches for Business Promotion through Social Media

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Practical Approaches for Business Promotion through Social Media

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 16:21
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Any business can make use of social media to tell their stories and demonstrate their expertise on a global platform.

Most of the individual business people are still not aware of the possibility of exploring social media for business promotion. However, many of the smart business owners are actively using social media and reaping the best results in:

  • Building loyalty and trust among the customers

  • Establishing business credibility

  • Attracting more leads and sales

  • Maintaining and ongoing relationships with the consumers online

  • Enhancing brand awareness

  • Providing instant customer support online

As the primary requirement of a business is to have a leveled playing field in terms of marketing and communication, any business can make use of social media to tell their stories and demonstrate their expertise on a global platform. Another major attraction in terms of social media promotions is it is the reduced cost.

Why use social media for business?

As we know, the traditional marketing strategies like contact marketing, newspaper advertising, or direct mailing become lesser efficient as the customers spend more time in the digital world of internet. Social media platforms now effectively connect consumers and people who influence them through various channels.

The key to social media success is not to get stuck with the technology and tools, but to focus on strategies to use them more effectively at real-time. On observing the modus operandi of some of the most successful businesses using social media for promotions, we can identify that they focus primarily on.

  • Increase the visibility of their brand through various channels

  • Build and nurture various professional and personal networks simultaneously

  • Develop and maintain relationships with influencers and customers

  • Real time interaction with people to engage then lively including clarifying doubts and answering queries

  • Publish and spread informative content to demonstrate your industry expertise

  • Share more curated links with updated information to add value to the lives of customers

  • Closely communicate with the close community of followers, supporters, advocates, and well wishers.

  • Generate new lead and help boost sales process

To start with social media promotions campaign, you need to be precisely aware of how social media is fundamentally changing the way people are communicating, connecting, and collaborating as individuals and society.

Knowing the right practices and platforms

For an average promoter exploring social media for business promotions, it may be so tempting to follow simply what is considered as the "hot / viral" and jump to whatever platform which is the talk of the town. However, maximizing the social media effects means choosing the aptest platforms and practices which best suits your core business, industry, and goals. For example, it may or may not be ideal for you to update the latest new on Twitter each hour, and if not, there is no point in adding this task to your digital strategy. What works the best for another company may not always be so for you too.

An ideal strategy may be to identify which platforms your target customers use the most and then build an appropriate social media strategy to achieve the business objectives. Even though it is challenging to assess the effectiveness of the social media strategies in terms of revenue impact, one can set several other specific KPIs (key performance indicators) which will help the administrators to identify whether it is working properly and generating value for the brand.

For example, debt consolidation is one such area many of the small to mid-scale organizations struggle with. Many of the business owners are constantly looking out for good debt consolidation reviews when they are in need. Appropriate online channels can be utilized effectively to reach to debt consolidation clients and efficiently communicate with them.

Defining the objective

In most of the cases, the primary goal of social media strategy is to enhance the visibility and reach of your brand. So, it will be ideal to foster a notable presence on all the main social media platforms to maximize the reach. As we know, Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform, but there are Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram also featuring the highest growth rates.

Once if you social media strategies and objective are defined clearly as to providing industry updates, instant news, lead generation, and customer support, it becomes easier for you to identify the most appropriate focus platform. For example, the Twitter users want to get instantaneous responses when they communicate with a company. If your business does not have resources to answer the customer queries quickly, then Twitter and other such platforms may not be ideal to focus.

Knowing social media equations

To have a clear understanding of it, you need to take social media in two parts.

Firstly, you do social media participation with your presence on major social media platforms and consistently deliver value to your online community as:

  • Sharing content of others on social media
  • Answering the user questions if you can help them
  • Joining and contributing to conversations on the topic of your niche It could be on a Twitter group discussing a public issue or following the growth of a technology
  • Commenting genuinely and interestingly on various influencer blogs
  • Podcasting and listening to other people’s businesses and reasoning.

Before you jump into any conversation or social media interaction, make sure that you do critical listening first, prepare well, get properly acquainted with the nuances of that network and then involve.

Secondly, you create and distribute original and reliable content to inform, educate, empower, or entertain the target group people to your unique brand. The aim is not only to the target customers but also the influencers on your behalf. For this, the content needed to be prepared with the audience in mind.

Set appropriate goals

With a clear-cut idea about the channels, purpose, and action plan, set appropriate social media goals for your business in terms of traffic generation, lead generation, e-com sales, enhance company credibility, demonstrating a corporate identity etc.

Once you make the appropriate content, it is just a matter of publishing it at the right time on a single or myriad of platforms online. It is also important to closely monitor the responses to your content and take appropriate actions.

Building a solid social networking presence is vital not only based they account for excellent content distributors but the search major engines like Google, Bing also now take social media inputs to determine the effectiveness of the content and acceptance of a provider. With this, social media presence also now significant affects the search rankings.

Author bio: Isabella Rossellini is a well-known blog writer who used to post about various topics like business administration, social media marketing, and debt consolidation reviews.