osCommerce 3.0 Alpha 4 Released

osCommerce logoosCommerce, an open source shopping cart, is one more step closer to reaching a 3.0 release.  Although the journey to completing the  osCommerce 3.0 software continues to take users and developers on a very long road,  Alpha 4 was released to the public on March 30th.  As a reminder,  alpha releases of osCommerce are for "testing to help fix and improve subsequent alpha releases for a final, stable, secure, and production ready 3.0 release".  In other words, you shouldn't use the software for a "live" store.

We've already talked about the new features added in earlier alpha versions of osCommerce 3.0 so there is no need to mention them in this article.  New features in Alpha 4 that have been added to the shopping cart since Alpha 3 include:

  • Administration Tool access levels (about time)
  • Administrator Log
  • Administration Tool batch action capabilities
  • HTML Editor for product descriptions (long overdue in my opinion)
  • Full zone entries for most countries
  • Language injection feature for similar languages
  • GeoIP Modules for the Administration Tool Who's Online section

In the next month of so I plan on taking a look at this latest alpha version of osCommerce 3.0 more closely.  I have some hopes that there will be enough changes in the software that I won't be needing to migrate a client or two to another shopping cart package in the near future.  Stay tuned to for a review in the near future...