MODx evolves into version 1.0

After five years of development, the MODx CMS has finally went to version 1.0. Late last week, the project leaders for MODx made the following announcement:

To say we're excited about this release would be a bit of an understatement. Far, far more than just a new Manager theme and some bugfixes here and there, Evolution 1.0.0 represents a ton of work by a lot of people. Our classic code base is no where close to outdated or obsolete, on the contrary it just took a huge leap forward and sets the stage for continuing development and improvements to our classic code base.

Boatloads of bugfixes and feature requests aside, our 1.0 release focuses on a few key areas. The international communities deserve a huge "thank you" for all their hard work in getting their languages updated, too

MODx Evolution is actually one of two branches of development for the CMS. The release based on legacy code-MODx Evolution-has existed since 2004. There is also a completely rewritten MODx Revolution release that will occur in late 2009. In fact the release candidate for MODx Revolution is due later this summer.

Some of the new features and changes in MODX 1.0 Evolution include:

  • Many updates to Manager and Installer language translations
  • Now handles RSS, Word, Excel, XML, HTML, CSS, JS, PDF and plain documents with custom icons in the Site Tree
  • Remove legacy code no longer needed
  • Convert manager to use Mootools exclusively
  • Manager Login page
  • Upgrade of Add-ons - eForm, AjaxSearch, TinyMCE
  • Exclude /assets and /manager by default from MODx rewrite and to comment out -> rule by default
  • Added additional database diagnostic info to system info page (auto-generated paths)
  • Updated the MODx installer - New skin, improved workflow
  • New MODx Carbon default theme for MODx Evolution 1.0 release
  • Make upgrades between versions simpler
  • Manager RSS feed improvements

The MODx 1.0 Evolution announcement can be found in the MODx forum. MODx is available at the MODx download page.