Mastering TYPO3 TypoScript

Kshipra Singh from Packt Publishing sent me an e-mail the other day asking us to publish another one of their sample chapters here at CMS Report.   If you recall, we posted an article on one of the sample chapters from a book on Alfresco.  The book this time around is Mastering TypoScript: TYPO3 Website, Template, and Extension Development.  Long name for a title so why don't we dig a little deeper and find out what this book is really about.

TypoScript is a declarative programming language that offers developers, administrators, and designers full control over the configuration of TYPO3 and its template engine. Only with a good command of TypoScript can you leverage the powerful capabilities of the TYPO3 engine, to customize and control all aspects of your TYPO3 sites. If you're serious about TYPO3 as your content platform, you need to master TypoScript.

As before, I don't have the book in front of me and this should not be considered a review of the book.  Instead, I'm only allowing Packt Publishing through this post to give you a taste of what the book has to offer.  You need to decide for yourself if you want to buy the book.  The following is what the book intends for the reader to learn:

  • Design and develop templates in TYPO3—design templates, pure TypoScript templates, and TemplaVoila
  • Develop extensions in TYPO3; build extensions using Kickstarter
  • Understand the objects, properties, operators, and data types in TypoScript
  • Use and customize different text editors like HTMLAreaRTE and Rich-Text-Editor
  • Understand the entire TYPO3 back end, including the Info/Modify tool, the Object browser, the Template Analyzer, and the TypoScript Properties display
  • Edit the front end using the Admin panel
  • Work with design templates using markers, subparts, and HTML comments
  • Understand how to present different views of content with different menu entry types
  • Understand TYPO3 database structure and query it using SQL
  • Use user groups to distribute the editing and management of content on your site
  • Customize the back end with Page TSConfig and User TSConfig

The sample chapter being offered by Packt Publishing is "Chapter Two: Getting to know TypoScript".