Has XOOPS lost its appeal?

What really keeps an open source project going? I think it all starts when someone in the open source community asks the tough questions. Take for instance this one, "Has XOOPS lost its appeal?". The project will evolve depending on how the project responds to such challenging questions. In this particular case, those closer to the open source project asked in a proactive response, "How do we give XOOPS appeal and user satisfaction?".

Following some innovative ideas from the Has xoops lost it's appeal thread, I have decided to open a new thread, with some extractions of ideas to work on. The suggestion is that xoops has lost its appeal in some ares concerning community support. I have tried to pull out the POSITIVE and proactive suggestions so that we can build on this, working up to some real action for improvements. If a user asks a question like this, I believe it is the responsibility of leadership to sit up and take notice. Here is my response, as a small contribution to answer criticisms with some proactive response.

I urge you to read the forum threads and decide for yourself whether XOOPS has lost its appeal or not. For me, this is the first time in a long time that XOOPS has shown something that appeals to me most. I call it open source synergy. I predict good things for XOOPS in 2007.

Note: Links to thread were found to be broken and removed on Jan 4, 20017.