Emojo extends Affino NX eBusiness Suite with Social Content Management

Markus Karlsson, CEO of Emojo, sent CMS Report an e-mail regarding extending social content management features into their "eBusiness Suite", Affino. In the e-mail he says:

We’re launching the Social Content Management edition of the Affino eBusiness Suite (please see details below). It has a number of tailored social content management, social media, social networking and social promotions elements essential for managing socially lead sites. These are quite different from traditional web and enterprise CM capabilities so may be of interest to you.

If you could give us feedback or a mention then that would be greatly appreciated.

I'm short on time for doing any type of review or give any meaningful feedback on this CMS. However, I have posted below the press release he sent attached to the e-mail. Also, you can check out the new features in the latest release of Affino at Emojo.com. Finally, if you have used Affino before, I would be interested in hearing what you have to say about it via the comments section.

Emojo announces the next chapter in Social Content Management

Emojo has extended the Affino NX eBusiness Suite with Social Content Management, Social Networking, Social Promotion and Social Media. The Affino Social Content Management Platform allows for content peer review, automated content quality management and effective community workflows; it allows members to evaluate content contributions, network with their peers, rate the content and promote it to the wider community.

Websites and online businesses / eBusinesses are becoming ever more social. Several of the leading web properties gain their competitive advantage from their community members and User Generated Content (UGC), with entire industries being reshaped by the social phenomenon online. There is a real need for an integrated solution suite which combines the key Social and Web 2.0 elements with traditional content management and commerce to produce a proper business platform with multiple revenue streams.

With an Affino solution, all community members can have their own personal content and media, and can easily manage their own pages, including articles, profiles, FAQs, links, events, locations, directory listings, blogs, videos, photos and music. Super-users can be empowered to act as moderators / supervisors, and in effect run the community for the community provider. Affino’s content management elements give site owners greater control and direction over User Generated Content and Affino eCommerce ensures that maximum value is derived from the community.

“This is the most significant release since the launch of the Affino NX platform. By embracing the social dimension we have made it easy for companies to launch social networking campaigns which fully engage and motivate the consumer. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this social evolution and are excited to be working with the many companies that have chosen Affino to run their social networks.” said Markus Karlsson, CEO of Emojo.

Affino is an ideal solution for start-up social networks and social marketplaces, as well as being perfect for existing organisation that wish to foster brand loyalty and build their own online communities – either as long term propositions, or short term campaign executions. There are already several great examples of social networks being used to recruit personnel for TV shows and art and cultural events, as well as vehicles for a variety of media formats.

Emojo is working with a number of companies and organisations who have chosen to roll out their social networks and marketplaces on the Affino platform. The current projects encompass a number of different sectors, including – music, events, fashion, boxing, schools, film, television journalism, wine and travel.

For more information on Affino Social Content Management download the white paper at:


To see Affino SCM in action go to Emojo Rated at:


Or come and see us at the Information Management Systems show at Olympia, London on the 4th to 6th December.


About Emojo

Emojo is the eBusiness Specialist, delivering online business solutions to companies worldwide. Emojo deploys eBusiness solutions via the Affino eBusiness Suite. Emojo and Affino combine to empower companies and organisations to take their key business activities online in order to fully engage their customers. Affino solutions are at the heart of the next generation in social sites, including social networks, media sharing portals and social marketplaces. Emojo offers end-to-end services from analysing business processes to translating them to an online model, implementing the solution and providing long term support and change management.