Draw inspiration from your competitors to know what they are doing and emulate it for SEO success

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Draw inspiration from your competitors to know what they are doing and emulate it for SEO success

Wed, 06/06/2018 - 21:16
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Visibility is indeed vital for getting a toehold when launching SEO campaign, but that is all you can expect from it. Visibility alone does not help the campaign to gain momentum and push it in the right direction. To drive the SEO campaign successfully towards the marketing goals you have to create quality content that result in engagement and sharing. Content is all-powerful in making the marketing campaign flourish in an organic manner because it nourishes SEO and makes it more powerful.   No matter how much effort you give to SEO, for the best returns you have to provide quality content to the audience consistently.

This brings us to the most crucial question – how would you know that the content you create for the audience would generate the right response? Well, there is no guarantee to it. You have to depend on trial and error techniques to gauge the acceptance level of the content. You have to give enough time to know if the content has worked for you.  This can often turn quite frustrating as you suffer from uncertainty and the competition keeps growing with time. An easier way to find out which content could work for you with certainty is to emulate what your successful competitors are doing. They might be publishing innovative content that enjoys large sharing and social media following thereby reaching out to a larger section of the audience.

Emulating the good feats

As you set out to spy on your competitors, it could give rise to some guilt feeling as your conscience might constantly prick you and question your decision to steal content. At the outset, be clear in your mind that you are not stealing but trying to draw inspiration from what your competitors are doing. The motive is not to ‘copy and paste' their content by lifting it but to understand what has worked for them and how so that you can create identical content that bears the signs of your own identity. You are emulating their feats by stepping in their shoes, which is not immoral in any way.

In this article, you will know how to know your competitor’s successful content and then create similar content that could help to upstage them. In the process, you would also know about the backlink profiles and social signals that have helped them to taste success in their SEO campaign.

Look for the best content of your competitors

Closely scrutinize the websites of your competitors, study the contents they publish and gather data about how it performs. You should know the metrics that tell how successful the content has been.  To gauge the popularity of content, which is a measure of its quality too, focus on the extent of sharing it has earned, how many links it could acquire and the degree of comments that it has invited. These parameters establish the worth of the content that has made the audience react positively. 

Tracking social shares

The experts at JP 360 Solutions, an SEO company, suggests that you should use some analytical tools to have access to the data related to the social sharing aspects of your competitor's content.  The tools are convenient to use because you just have to enter the URL and the entire data pertaining to the extent of sharing on individual social media networks displays in front of you.  The result includes data related to every web page and content, but you must only focus on the data related to the content that is relevant for your purpose. Sift through the content and pick only those for tracking that you feel your target audience would accept well.

Tracking backlinks

Backlinks and page authority are factors that directly point to the quality and value of the content. To find the best content of your competitors you can track the backlinks that the content has attracted by using a suitable tool like Open Site Explorer. On typing the domain name and selecting the Top Pages, the data related to page authority, linking root domains and inbound links become visible. You can also get social media data in case you subscribe to the tool.

Track all comments that the content has received

Once you have identified the content of your interest, look deeper to gauge the reaction of the audience to it.  By looking at the comments, you would know the type of questions that people raise. It would help to identify the points that seemed confusing to the audience, and you can take care of it when creating your content.  Identify what solutions the audience is expecting so that you can incorporate it into your content. Overall, you are at an advantage of enriching your content to make it more effective.

Do more research

Before you recreate what your competitors have done, it is better to carry out more searches about the content. It would help to gather new dimensions from similar content written by others. Compile your findings and then filter out the unwanted factors to create a superb content that could simply outclass the earlier versions.

Retrace social shares

 The next step is to reach out to the competitor's audience that would give you the advantage of interacting with people more open to accepting you. You would be getting a ready audience that could lessen the legwork that you have to do for marketing. Explore the features of the social media platforms especially Twitter to retrace the social shares and create relationships with a new audience.

Analyze backlinks

By using tools like Ahrefs, embark on a mission to analyze your competitor's backlinks. It would open up new horizons that you could explore aggressively to expand your marketing reach.  The backlinks are already in the good books of Google, and it is just ready for you to explore its potential.

Being ready with content that should work and a list of the audience that most likely would welcome you, the stage is set for you to take the leap.

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