Discover the Top Perks of LED Advertising

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Discover the Top Perks of LED Advertising

Thu, 02/27/2020 - 16:37
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Television and newspapers are some traditional methods of doing advertising. Recently to create a significant impact on the audiences, the businesses are focusing on digital solutions like LED advertising screens. One can use the LED advertising screens for presentation, conference, exhibition, brand awareness or stage effect.

According to a survey, it has been revealed that the passerby easily recalls the ads displayed on the giant LED screens. It has a serious impact on the brain, and hence the incorporation of LED advertising screens can be seen in businesses.

Several rental services offer LED screens for different applications. LED advertising screen has a vivid and bright display that will easily capture the passerby's attention instantly. If the old school technique is not working anymore for your business, then you can enjoy the advantages of using LED advertising screens.

Benefits of Using LED Advertising

  • High Durability but Low Maintenance: Digital LED screens are highly resistant to any damage and hence require very low maintenance. If you go for the traditional billboards, then they are prone to damage and the light fixtures will need constant checking. Every advertiser prefers to use LED screens. The screens can withstand wind and rain so they will last for several years without any repair. They are not only considered to be durable, but they are eco-friendly as well.
  • Easily Operable: One of the perks of using digital technology for advertising is one can operate them remotely by utilizing Wi-Fi connection. Just with a few mouse clicks, you will be able to control different billboards. If you want to advertise about your brand in a particular location, then you will have to upload the content on the display software's backend. Now the ad will start to run on the screen.
  • Grabs Attention With Vivid And Bright Display: LED advertising screens come with the capability of grabbing the attention of the passerby and hence one can see its use in several events and festivals. It has a dynamic and bright display that has the power to make any passerby take a glance of the message.

The bright content will have a higher chance of making an impact on the viewer's mind. One can also go for San Diego LED screens.

  • Image and Branding: LED advertising screen enhances the image and branding of the company. The screen will help to facilitate a convincing message related to the brand. Even if you're using an LED screen to display some colorful lights without any picture or content outside your store, still it will convey the message to the customers that the company is tech-inclined and new.

According to Sixteen:Nine, 89% of the passerby remembers the ad displayed on the LED screen.

  • HRI: HRI stands for High Return on Investment. In comparison to other investment options, LED advertising screens are cheaper. With static billboards, you will have to pay for the ad space and vinyl. With LED screens, one will not have to pay any production cost. One can say that the return from the LED billboards, in the long run, will be high.
  • Message Controlling: Advertising includes targeting people of specific demographics. LED screens offer functional and marketing potential. To simplify the statement, one can say that they have the liberty to display any message anywhere and at any time according to their convenience.

If your business is related to children's products and you want to display the ad at the school leaving time of the children, then you can do it with the screen.  One can also switch the message anytime to target specific demographics.

  • Benefits For The Billboard Companies: If you own a billboard company then you should go for the LED screens. At the same time, one can sell a single board to 10 buyers. It diversifies the client's base and increases revenue.
  • Installation: Even if you are a technophobe, still you will be able to do the initial setup to run the LED screen. Within a few seconds, the screen will be ready, and you can move the screens to any place without any hassle. In the worst-case scenario if the screen breaks down, then you will be able to replace and install it without any delay.

All the pointers mentioned above are sufficient to convince anyone about the benefits of LED advertising screens. As these advertising screens are readily available for rental, so you need to opt for a company that is going to provide you with the LED screens.

Pointers to Keep In Mind While Picking an LED Advertising Screen Rental Service

  • Screen Size: LED advertising screens have different sizes and shapes. You need to analyze the screen size that will be perfect for the event. If the LED display is for matches or weddings, then the screen must be big enough. It will help the spectators or guests to view the event from a great distance.
  • Budget: With LED screens you will get a lot of choices, and hence the price will vary. The budget plays a crucial role while picking a rental service. There are LED screens that are suited for different budgets, so avoid overspending.
  • Event: You will have to consider the event for which you will use the LED screen. If you need it for an outdoor event, then the LED screen should be able to withstand outdoor weather conditions.
  • Installation: To install the LED screen, one will have to apply the same technique. Installation may vary because of different brands. Some rental company will provide LED displays which are completely assembled so you will save time there. Ask the rental provider whether the LED display offers easy installation or not.


LED advertising screens are getting a lot of attention from several companies recently. It allows the advertising company to target their potential customers via global and local marketing. By using LED screens for your brand, you can increase the brand's awareness and hence it is also used in several public sectors like stock marketing, weather condition, railway status, etc.