Decibel Insight's Heatmaps brings visual analytics tool to market

World’s most comprehensive heatmaps now available following oversubscribed beta

London, 10th February - Decibel Insight, the visual web analytics company, today released the world’s most comprehensive and innovative set of heatmap tools, designed to help organizations understand and adapt to the behavior of their website visitors.

Decibel Insight’s heatmaps enable companies to optimize their web content on all devices to improve conversion rates. The new, enterprise-level tools, which incorporate nine of the most advanced heatmaps on the market, are now publicly available, following an over-subscribed beta program.

Decibel Insight is provided as an intuitive web app, and is also available for tablet devices through the App Store and Google Play.

Unlike traditional analytics, which use statistics and charts to monitor how a website has performed, Decibel Insight’s visual analytics tools provide intelligence and guidance on how to improve it by showing which content helps increase conversion and which does not. For example, attention heatmaps alert website owners to the sections of a page where content is viewed most intensively, and where it is skipped over. This insight informs smart decisions about where to place key content to ensure it is easily found.

Decibel Insight is targeted at web analysts and marketers who are responsible and accountable for the performance of their websites, and would benefit from granular insight from intuitive tools to make clear and accurate decisions.

“It is now widely recognized that tools such as Google Analytics leave users unclear as to what to do next to improve their website. Decibel Insight fills the knowledge gap. By displaying analytics data visually in situ over the top of the website, it makes it simple to see how users have interacted and behaved, making it obvious to see what works and what doesn’t. Our new innovative heatmaps are more precise yet quicker to interpret, and our advanced segmentation is like painting by numbers. Decibel Insight is the most powerful web heatmap tool in the world with prices to suit any size of business scaling to the very largest of enterprises. When you apply Decibel Insight’s algorithm, it’s like going supersonic. The quality of insight it provides means even small changes to your content - or where that content is placed - can have a significant positive impact on your web performance.” said Ben Harris, CEO at Decibel Insight.

The Decibel Insight tool provides:

  • Dot Heatmaps Uses dots to represent where users click
  • Interaction Heatmaps Attributes interactions to content, highlighting each piece of content rather than show individual clicks.
  • Value Heatmaps Attributes monetary value or goal completion data to a piece of content based on conversion data
  • Reach Heatmaps Show how far down the page users reach before moving on
  • Attention Heatmaps Show how long users dwell on a given section of the page before scrolling on or exiting
  • Attribution Heatmaps A way of using advanced segmentation to identify if users interactions vary depending on the traffic source they originated
  • Time Heatmaps Show the times of day and days of the week where your site attracts the most traffic or conversions
  • Advanced Segmentation Breaking down your traffic into ‘segments’ according to any criteria you wish – dwell time, browser type, visit duration, clicks, source, etc. Monitoring each ‘segment’ to identify trends
  • Filtered Heatmaps Ability to feed an advanced segment into any heatmap and filter it by time period. For deeper analysis and the starting point for advanced segmentation
  • Visitor Playback A video playback of a visitor’s on-page navigation, scrolling and clicks (and in the future mouse movements)
  • Visitor Identification Tracking and profiling individual visitors

Decibel Insight is priced on a sliding scale from $40 per month so businesses of all sizes can afford to adopt it. There are no set up charges, users subscribe online, and integration is straightforward with full support, as required.

A free trial is currently available at