CMS Made Simple 1.0.3 released

CMS Made Simple 1.0.3 was released to fix a number of bugs and security issues. Some of the changes in 1.0.3 as reported in the ChangeLog since CMS Made Simple 1.0.2 was released include:

  • Fixed several non-permenant XSS vulnerabilities- Fixed issue with breadcrumbs plugin displaying root node multiple times
  • Fixed issue with multiple events being entered
  • Removed global references to $db from the admin and include.php
  • Added event for "Change Group Permissions"
  • Fixed issue where 2 installs on the same domain shared login sessions
  • Changed search schema layout
  • Now allows for expiration dates on entries
  • Added catpcha module support to the contact_form plugin (you still need to manually install the Captcha module for this to work)