Building A Website: I Am The Client

I've mentioned on this blog a few times that was never really meant to be a business or publication. It just happened. Six years ago, I started this journey I'm on with just my fascination for information systems and the little knowledge I had obtained on my own about content management systems. I was hungry to learn more and I started this site simply as a place to store my personal notes, bookmarks, and possibly share ideas with a few others. As many of you know, a lot has happened since the early years and I've been at crossroads for how to take CMS Report to the next level.

Last December, I received a call from Agility's Michael Assad who wanted bounce some ideas off me and potentially partner with me to make this site something more than it is now. Mike's solution was not only for him to work with me but also for me to become a client of the company he co-founded. While I liked the ideas Mike was bringing to the table, I have to tell you that I was a little apprehensive about letting someone else build a new site for me.

When it comes to information technology, I've been blessed with many talents. Six years ago I wisely picked Drupal as the CMS to run my site on. Not only was this open source solution the perfect fit for me to manage my content, Drupal also gave me the freedom and control I needed to run the site the way I saw fit. Over the years Drupal has allowed me to pick and modify my own themes, choose my own modules, and host my site on servers of my own choosing. The problem with the "all me" and "full control" approach is that it consumes a lot of valuable time that I could be using more productively elsewhere.

But the worse part about being in sole control is that you eventually hit a limit of what you can bring to the project. My favorite quote about "my problem" comes from Addison Berry. She once tweeted:

Addison is absolutely right. Those of us that have been blessed with enough diverse talents to "do it all" sometimes miss out on the benefit of allowing someone else to bring there best talents forward. I've been a big advocate of "collaboration" and practice it often during my "day job" but I haven't practiced it here as much as I should. Mike is correct, if I want to really allow CMS Report to evolve with the ideas of others I also need to accept the work of others.

The bottom line is CMS Report is going to go through some of the most dramatic changes it has ever gone through in the history of the site. I'm about to let go of some control and risk everything I've built so far for a dream of creating something better than I could ever do alone. Honestly, I don't know Michael Assad or his company well but I'm a pretty good judge of character. Mike is going to take me places I would never choose alone and that is the point for this change. I am the client. Coo Coo Kachoo.