Alex King does it better

When I first started developing this website,, it was my intention to also take "the opportunity to provide a series of how-to articles on building a Website using Drupal".  I wanted to help those getting started in using a content management system for their site by suggesting some tips and ideas that could make their life easier.  As time wore on, when it came to my own site I found that except for a few well written posts I failed miserably at this goal.

I'm pretty good at tasks such as developing, innovating, documenting, and system administration.  However, some people can't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.  Unfortunately, I'm one of those people.  I have difficulty developing and documenting at the same time.  This isn't unusual as one of the most talented programmers I know struggles with documentation and will ask me for help in writing instructions for his own software.  My point is that when you find people who is blessed with being able to document their own work you need to let others know about that person.

In my opinion, Alex King is one of those people who can walk and chew his bubble gum at the same time.  King, using Wordpress, has written a series of articles on the changes he has made to his own site,

It was probably in early 2004 when I started feeling enough dissatisfaction with my site that I wanted to re-build it. I took some of those thoughts and put them into the Tasks Pro™ web site I built in 2004 and still others I put into the King Design web site I built in 2005. No, pretty much all of them, plus the lessons learned on those sites, have been rolled into this site.

From discussions of design goals for his own site to the nitty gritty of  choosing  the structure of his "friendly URL" , King does a good job discussing the changes he has made at his own site.  So I encourage you to take a look at Alex King's site for some good articles on Web design.  When you're done reading his articles, please feel free to come back to my own site.  After all, my talent may not be talking about my own site but I think I do a good job talking about topics regarding open source and content management systems.  Just as important, I go at great efforts introducing you to quality articles from other sites such as those found at