A PHP alternative to the Radiant CMS?

I always find these type of stories ironic. Last week, I had someone make a comment to an old article I wrote on the Radiant CMS. For those liking Radiant, the commenter remarked "give cakePHP a trial run if you want a cms similar to this but in PHP". One of the reasons I chosen to discuss Radiant was that it was built with Ruby on Rails.

So where is the irony? Follow this, if you can and hopefully I won't confuse you. The article I wrote was titled, "Radiant, A Ruby CMS and PHP alternative". In other words we've gone full circle. CakePHP is being suggested as an alternative PHP content management system for the Ruby-based Radiant CMS which was originally suggested by me as an alternative for those that have tired with PHP Web applications!

Second irony, CakePHP is actually not a CMS but a framework. As Daniel Hofstetter points out below, think of CakePHP is to PHP as Ruby on Rails is to Ruby.

Third irony, regardless of the commenter calling CakePHP a CMS, the intention is the same. Everyone seems to want a Web application written in a particular language to be written in another language of their choosing. This desire to have a CMS written in another language appears to be a common theme here at CMS Report. I've always pointed out that when applications are written in another language, sometimes the elegance of that application is lost in the translation. Sort of like recording English over Japanese in a Godzilla movie. Somehow, I don't think Japanese producers ever intended the English version of the movie to be as humorous of a movie as it is when heard in here in the United States.