10 US Presidents that were also geeks

The site, eWeek, posted a little slide show in honor of Presidents Day. The slide show lists "10 U.S. presidents who held patents, thought globally and believed in the power of the press—and macaroni". To the best of my knowledge, none of the presidents have actually managed their own Web site. What a shame for a US President to not experience the true joys of being a geek.

Actually, I'm more excited about the new Presidential Dollar coins which I blogged about on another site months ago. Yesterday, I went ahead and purchased a "coin album" for my three year-old to store each the coin for each US president. I'm excited about it. My son still thinks he's collecting quarters.

That's right my Canadian friends to the north, we're still using One Dollar paper bills down here. About a decade ago I tried using a Canadian paper dollar while in Canada and was asked "what is this?" when I tipped my waitress. It seems Canada made the move to Dollar coins a long time ago and my bank where I exchanged currently didn't know about the change. I had a very unhappy waitress to deal with that night. Not sure why, I did ask for a Canadian beer after all.