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dotcms 2.5 Offers Easy-to-Deploy Push Publishing Architecture in the Cloud

Miami, Florida – September 25, 2013 dotcms, an open source, Java-based content management system, announces the release of version 2.5 – which continues to add features that address real world challenges faced by content managers, web developers and java developers in the modern enterprise.

“2.5 focuses on providing an advanced, flexible and efficient publishing platform for large scale content management deployments,” said Will Ezell, CTO of dotcms. “Like all things in dotcms, the push publishing has been designed to be simple

dotCMS Releases 1.9.2

Miami, Florida (March 29, 2011) —  dotCMS has made 1.9.2 available to the community and general marketplace.  This is the second major release of new features and improvements since dotCMS rolled out the 1.9 series back in July of 2010 and features a number of improvements geared toward performance, scalability and ease of use.

“1.9.2 represents a leap forward for dotCMS.  We and our global network of partners have established a solid pace in rolling out features and community plugins,” commented Will Ezell, CTO of dotCMS. “We are seeing the 1.9 series take a strong hold in the marketplace and the changes in 1.9.2 speaks to dotCMS’ continued focus on the meeting the needs of both the enterprise and of their end user.”

1.9.2 has also been benchmarked on both cloud and physical servers and shown to scale extremely well horizontally and vertically – serving over 4,600 transactions a second across a variety of page types.  The complete performance report can be found here.

New Features Include:

  • Online Image Editor allows content contributors to edit images without needing additional software.  Users can resize, crop, rotate, "save as" different image types and adjust hue, saturation, brightness and coloration of images stored in dotCMS.
  • New Image Renditions and Clipboard allows content editors to use edited versions (renditions) of source images without having to store multiple versions of the same image.  An Image clipboard allows users to create the rendition they want to use, add it to their clipboard, and paste it into their content for re-use.
  • Inline Editing allows content editors frictionless editing of site content, inline, without needing to return to the admin portal.