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Has been actively involved in ed-tech drives in London since 2011. Currently works as a researcher and writer specializing in the integration between technology and education. Passionately believes that mobile technology is a significant tool in education and is enthusiastic about various trends in the industry, including MOOCs, and emerging Web 2.0 resources including augmented reality technologies. He considers traveling the world as a volunteer technology educator to kids as his greatest achievement so far. Plans on initiating ‘Teach for Tomorrow’, a collective effort from peers in the industry to spread ed-tech across the world, in the nearest future.

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Avoiding Pitfalls: Common Mistakes Made When Implementing A CMS For Your Website

By using a Content Management System (CMS) web application; the creation, customization, and management of your website information becomes faster and much easier. You no longer need to master the web programming language just to be able to edit, preview, and publish content and web elements to your blog such as texts, animations, images, and video content. That is why a lot of businesses are now considering the need to leverage a CMS solution for their online presence.