Episerver Experience Cloud promises the best from Ektron and Episerver

This was a busy week for web developers, marketers, and users of both Episerver and Ektron. This was the week where many that follow these platforms converged in Las Vegas for EPiServer Ascend 2015. I didn't attend the customer conference, but from what I have been told and what I have read is that people walked away from this conference impressed. It is also at this conference that the Fall 2015 release of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud was announced.

Private equity firm Accel-KKR invests in EPiServer

Partnership Combines Industry Insight With Visionary Technology to Accelerate Growth

Chicago, IL, December 8, 2014 - EPiServer, a leading provider of digital marketing and e-commerce solutions, today announced that Accel-KKR (AKKR), a technology-focused private equity firm specializing in software and IT-enabled businesses, has made a majority investment in the company. This investment will enable the company to continue accelerating its growth and market share.

EPiServer Acquires Mediachase

Acquisition Accelerates Delivery of e-Commerce and Digital Marketing Solutions to Improve Customer Experience 

CHICAGO, IL - Yesterday, EPiServer announced that it acquired the business of longstanding technology provider, Mediachase, an e-commerce and collaboration software solutions provider. The move brings together EPiServer's existing digital marketing capabilities with Mediachase's easy-to-use e-commerce framework to help meet next generation cross-channel needs for delivery to EPiServer's partner and customer network.

Accelerate Time to Market with EPiServer Cloud

Platform-as-a-service model shortens time to “clicks” for online marketers, digital agencies and developers

London, UK - 26th April 2011: EPiServer, the world’s fastest growing provider of platforms that drive online engagement, has launched a cloud version of the company’s innovative content management solution. Packaged and hosted on EPiServer’s Everweb service, the web-based solution combines EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Composer to allow interactive marketers and web developers to quickly create key components of their online presence and operate them in a cost effective way.

EPiServer CMS is already reputed as a flexible, dynamic system for managing online properties, and EPiServer Cloud delivers the same comprehensive functionality that is easy for developers, simple for marketers and engaging for visitors. The offering’s platform-as-a-service model allows developers to configure, customize, and integrate websites to meet marketing and communication requirements.  The cloud version enables marketers to move at the pace their global business dictates while allowing IT professionals to focus on their priorities. 

EPiServer Cloud is an ideal solution for creating websites when time-to-market is a factor or when the lifecycle of the site is uncertain.  The solution is cost effective because you only pay for the services you use. AssociaDirect, an EPiServer partner and association marketing agency, benefits from the online platform’s ease of implementation and streamlined deployment capability when building and managing websites for association tradeshows.

List of Fake Content Management Stories from April Fools Day 2011

For the blogger, the most difficult day of the year has to be April Fools' Day. This is the day where jokes are played and stories are made  up. Computer geeks and CMS junkies easily get into the spirit of this celebrated day by pulling all kinds of online pranks. One of my fondest April Fools memories is from 2007 when the official Japanese and Russian Drupal sites migrated for a day from the Drupal CMS over to Joomla!. Good times, good times. The folks over at ocProducts have gotten into the 2011 April Fools spirit by announcing ocPortal 7 with HTML6.

I need your help! Please help me keep track of all the CMS related April Fools' stories that you find online.  Please feel free to add to my list by of content management pranks via a comment below or through Twitter. If you prefer to tweet the story instead I suggest we start using the Twitter hashtag: #aprilfoolscms.

List of Fake Content Management Stories on April Fools Day 2011

  1. ocPortal - ocProducts announces ocPortal 7 with HTML6
  2. Drupal - Announcing CertifiedToSUCK.com
  3. TYPO3 - New paradigm for TYPO3 4.6 development
  4. Drupal - Announcing the Drupal Retail Store
  5. Joomla - Joomla Templates from YOOtheme
  6. Real Story Group  - No more content management
  7. Sharpened.net - The End of the Keyboard and Mouse
  8. IBM developerWorks - Scrum Alliance 2.0
  9. CMS Made Simple - Intuit Announces Acquisition of CMS Made Simple
  10. Enano - Enano merges with Joomla!
  11. EpiServer - EPiFAX 1.0 Released
  12. Plone - Plone Announces New Release Naming Scheme Effective April 1

EPiServer releases EPiServer Relate+2

I continue to hear great things about EPiServer from Blend Interactive's Dean Barker and other folks in the CMS industry. Their accolades for this CMS is one of the reasons I decided to begin focusing on EPiServer here at the site.

Honestly, I don't know enough about EPiServer which is why some of the EPiServer fanboys have promised getting together with me sometime to talk about this platform.  Until my education is complete, I'm going to resort to cheap writing by using press releases and blogs to get some of my information out to you about EPiServer. For instance, lets see if this product announcement by EPiServer's marketing gets you interested to hear more about their products:

EPiServer announces the release of EPiServer Relate+2 , a product package for EPiServer CMS 6, which containsEPiServer Community 4 and EPiServer Mail 5. It also includes a sample website which shows how to combine these three products to build a powerful online community. In today’s conversation economy the ability to get involved in websites where users are free to create, organize and share know-how and experiences in the form of words, pictures and videos is becoming more prevalent and Relate+ makes it a seamless experience for community members, community owners and moderators.

Included is support for Open ID where users can use an existing login ID to sign into multiple websites. The same rich text editor found in EPiServer CMS, TinyMCE, is now used for writing blog posts and the MetaWeblog API is also supported, so users can use their favorite blog applications, such as iBlogger for the iPhone or Live Writer for Windows, when creating or editing blog posts. In combination with blog syndication and ping/ pingbacks, Relate+ is a full-fledged blog engine.

EPiServer, Umbraco, and Omeka added to CMS Report's CMS Focus

This week we added three Web applications to our CMS Focus top 30 list.  The CMSs and ECMs listed in CMS Focus are not necessarily the most popular in content management and are not meant to meet everyone's requirements for a CMS. Instead the content management systems that make up this top 30 are what I consider content management "game changers" or "attention getters".

Looking for 3 fantastic content management systems

Since the early days of CMSReport.com, I have been providing a list of the top 30 Web applications that interest me the most. This list is called CMS Focus. If you take a close look at this list, you will find that I currently need three additional content management systems to complete the list of thirty. Which CMS/ECM would you recommend be placed on my list?