Why You Need A Social Intranet

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Why You Need A Social Intranet

Wed, 07/19/2017 - 09:12

A way to improve company communications that drive better engagement and collaboration between your employees.

Are you looking to boost the performance of business communication within your company, or keen to not only disseminate information quickly to your employees but actually want your employees to engage with.

A social intranet could be the definitive solution that could take your business communications to the next level, and create better employee engagement.

In this digital age, most employees are constantly using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc for enhancing their personal communications experience. These tools can be easily integrated within a company's intranet, allowing you to have a secure and manageable internal communications system with the engagement of a social channel.

What Does A Social Intranet Include?

Most of the correspondence within the company takes place through formal and structured means, such as emails and memos.  A social intranet would allow you to communicate news, information or resources to your employees more quickly, as well as allowing your employees to communicate and collaborate with each other.  Employees can access and engage with these resources on a whole new level that email just can't do, and with intelligent intranet tools on hand, you can track that engagement to see who and how employees are engaging with your intranet communications.

Online messaging systems, posting messages through forums, tagging content, sharing ideas and working on projects through discussion groups are just some of the common means by which a social intranet can aid the communications and functions within an organization, helping to completely reviving departments like HR

Top Reasons For Using A Social Intranet In A Company

Inspire employees Inspire Employees To Perform Better


Social intranets have huge potential to transform the way in which your employees work and contribute to the goals and objectives of your company. They help drive employee engagement, which is key to boosting morale and productivity.  For example, if your employees login regularly to a common workspace, it helps bind them together as a team and inspire them to contribute more.

There is an increased opportunity to share and discuss new ideas via participation on social platforms, and engagement tools such as forums, polls and surveys can help your management and HR departments solve key issues faced by your company, as well as helping to improve the general communications and well being of your employees.

communication Facilitates Clear Communication


With social intranet software, it's possible to break down communication barriers between management, departments and employees.  It helps in improving interaction at all levels and allows managers to provide constructive feedback to their staff.  There is greater transparency with the ability to gather more information, identify core issues and make the best decisions for your business.

teamwork Encourages Better Teamwork


The ability to collaborate successfully and work as a team is vital in any organization.  A social intranet provides you with a perfect digital workspace to collaborate, no matter what your device, if you're in the office or working remotely. It seamlessly allows you to communicate with your teams while having direct access to every resource you need, making it easier to assign tasks and deadlines.

Social intranets provide a secure yet extremely flexible workplace where you can monitor permissions, giving and limiting access to specific areas - so if your team is working on something private, you can restrict access to that information or group workspace.  

By fusing your online workplace with social tools such as forms, surveys, polls, assessments, image galleries and more, you can empower more company communications that your staff will actually want to engage with, driving better collaboration.

documents Precise Management of Documents


The biggest advantage of using an intranet is its ability to help you efficiently organize and manage your information and resources in one secure space.  By using social intranet software, you can view all the information at a glance through the dashboard, or search for a particular item or topic quickly.  It also helps to store and access files which might need to restricted access for your different teams.

An intranet document management systems is more sophisticated than your regular office server or storage drive, providing you with much more insight into how your employees engage with your content and documentation.  It enables you to see who has viewed the documents, when and how many times, and 'Must Read's allow you to successfully roll out new policies and procedures with ease - which HR and Compliance departments love.

A social intranet is the ideal solution if you are looking to upload, tag, categorize and share documents and information easily, and are keen to drive better company communications that drive better engagement and collaboration between your employees.

Want to discover how a social intranet could help transform your workplace?

Speak to our intranet specialists to see how a Hub could help you boost employee engagement and productivity, and make your office communications seem seamless.