Which would you choose? - Plone, Apache Lenya, or Nuxeo 5

The message below was originally posted as a comment here at CMS Report. Unfortunately, the comment was posted while I was switching the site over to a new server and just before the Memorial weekend holiday here in the United States. I'm afraid very few people saw the comment so I thought it should get more attention by posting the comment onto the "front page".

The author has narrowed his choice of content management systems for his project down to Plone, Apache Lenya, and Nuxeo 5. I'm not a user of any of the CMS listed so hopefully if you're reading this post you can spend a few minutes helping him out.

If you had to choose only one of the three CMS based on his requirements for the project he describes below...which CMS (Plone, Apache Lenya, and Nuxeo 5) would you choose? Please leave your comments belows!

I'm a newbie to CMS & seek a CMS which meets or exceeds the following criteria for a charity's international interactive large & BUSY site.

  1. FULL featured CMS as listed on cms matrix preferably built-in or with easy option/feature install, and a strong user & developer community & hopefully using the "next popular wave of languages" which is compliant to all standards.
  2. PLUS ease of use by users without any hacking code,
  3. Fast server performance, resists slashdotting,
  4. Free OS including extras if possible & low running maintenance
  5. Ease of hosting & low cost of hosting.
  6. Accessible to the impaired, fully W3C compliant output
  7. Very strong Multi language, UTF-8 support
and the following as described in cms matrix:
  1. High security
  2. Ease of use
  3. Performance
  4. Management
  5. Interoperability
  6. Flexibility
  7. Built-in Apps
  8. Commerce applications are of minimum interest

After much web research our list is Plone, Apache Lenya, and Nuxeo 5
They all look fairly good but I query

  1. Lenya's ease of use, compliance, multi-lingual integration & Built -in Applications
  2. Plone's server performance and how Plone's move from python to ajax affects our project
  3. Nuxeo's features as listed on cms matrix in the new java based nuxeo 5.
    and what are the costs of "extras" as I have only seen the old nuxeo cps extras. I have had no response yet from nuxeo to these queries.

Unfortunately CMS matrix's comparative data is often outdated, but I found getting unbiased current comparison info thin, despite much web searching.

With apologises for long post.
Mo Vestuff

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