When an open source community implodes...

I make it a habit not to post community squabbles that often take place in any IT project (whether open source or not).  When people have the best intentions and respect the opinions of others, I don't believe it is right for me or anyone else to publicly exploit discussions that are meant to remain within the community.  However, the conflicts going on at XOOPS.org have been made so public that it's hard for me to put a lot of faith in a project that treats its own people so poorly.

For examples on the kind of discussions that continue to put XOOPS in a bad light, you can read the two news headlines listed below.  These headlines were posted on the front page of XOOPS.org and you should also read the comments below the article.

Organizational behaviorists will tell you that healthy conflict plays an important role in helping improve an organization, a product, and even the individuals involved.  Unhealthy conflict that is driven on emotion, without respect, and without a win-win goal is not in the best interest of any party.  So would you say the conflicts currently going on with the XOOPS CMS are healthy or not?