unroole adds Bootstrap to its list of starting points

Bootstrap with unroole

This week unroole added a new ‘starting point’ website for their users built entirely with Bootstrap components. unroole ‘starting points’ are a convenient and efficient way for launching full featured websites with a single click. They come packed with configurable widgets, building blocks of web pages, and Blueprints for pages from which pages can be cloned.

As stated in the official announcement, “Bootstrap framework and unroole are a match made in modular heaven. We’ve coded Bootstrap components as unroole widgets so you can easily assemble any webpage with no coding required”. Reason behind this bold statement is that both unrooles’ and Bootstraps’ customizing options are relying on frontend code, and customization are made by applying different classes in the html portion of the websites. Each Bootstrap component, ie. grid columns, slideshows, responsive navigation, buttons, etc, when ported to unroole becomes a widget with configurable options for each variation of Bootstrap component in question. That way, when using Grid column widget on a webpage, user can specify the width by configuring number of columns for each breakpoint.

For the overview of all the widgets included in the Bootstrap starting point, and their usage, head over to the Kitchensink page of the official demo. All widgets beside Bootstrap classes, that are hard coded, accept custom classes, ids and attributes as part of their configuration so custom styles can be easily applied.

unroole.com is a cloud-based solution for hosting, creating and managing networks of websites intended for scalable growth. Key features include: no need for backend operations, content and code reusability across entire network, modular frontend-only website development and seamless integration with third party APIs and self-hosted databases.