The Ultimate Guide to Writing Epic Content That Will Go Viral

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing Epic Content That Will Go Viral

Thu, 10/24/2019 - 21:25
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When you think about some of the most globally shared content this year or the year before, it may seem as if the whole thing is random. Ok, some funny stunt made by a cat may have been accidental but when we are speaking about writing content, you will soon learn that the process is not random and that it takes effort and creativity to achieve your content to go viral. But this also means that it can be done, instead of accrediting each viral success to luck. To help get you moving in the right direction, here is a guide to making your content so grand that it goes viral. 

Narrow it down

So, you’ve got an idea you wish to write about and the desire to make this piece of writing epic. Regardless of whether you are an organized type of a writer who creates a structure before writing or you just go with the flow and then re-write afterward, what’s important to know is that neither of styles will get you what you want if you don’t hit the target. 

Although it may seem logical that a broad topic is a right way for your content to become viral, that is not exactly true. This is because the mere fact that the content looks like it was written for everybody will make people write it off as generic and uninteresting without even reading it. So, when you come up with an idea, what you need to do is some research, for instance, across social media and see the number of groups or posts regarding that topic which might help narrow it down. Instead of writing about pets in general, after some research, you would be writing about cats as one of the most popular animals on the internet.

Hook them with the title

In the abundance of information we are surrounded by daily, we had to find a way to differentiate important from unimportant content without spending too much time and effort on making that decision. This partly subconscious process happens right on the spot, the instant we read the title of a post - if it is clichéd or too general, the rest of the content won’t matter because not many people will go past it. 

Just as with the topic, strive to narrow down the title and for it to be descriptive. Remember that you may be just one of the many posts on somebody’s timeline while they are scrolling, so you have either a choice of coming up with something catchy or making a descriptive title. Catchy titles are not easy to create and if not concocted right, they can seem like a click-bait so titles which explain what the text is about are more straightforward and promise that readers will not waste their time since they know what the text will be about. So, if you hook them with the title, you will have them looking at the rest of the content.

Create meaningful sections

Regarding the content organization, it’s best to organize it into sections with subheadings because this is how the readers will have a clear guide through the text. Organizing main points into subsections will make the content not only more understandable but also more memorable. If your audience can recall your text out of the multitude of content they encountered during the day, that means that it is worth sharing and that brings you closer to your goal of going viral. 

However, to eliminate the guesswork and to learn exactly what works, you need to monitor your content performance across different marketing channels. Overseeing multiple platforms can be inefficient in terms of time and budget allocation but luckily there are digital marketing reporting tools which can help you with the tracking of marketing KPIs and metrics in real-time and on a single dashboard. This allows for a clear overview for both you and your clients and aids you to locate what needs to be adapted. 

Color the content with passion

This piece of advice shouldn’t be taken literally and nobody is saying that you need to turn eating broccoli into an ode to gratitude for its existence (although you could) but it is easier to create epic content when you are genuinely interested into the topic or passionate about it. The key is finding that one element in every topic that you as a writer can relate to and that fervent attitude will quickly brush off of your readers. 

Also, since your audience has come to the blog section or social media profile for a reason, it is crucial that they leave with a feeling that they’ve read a distinctive, useful, and meaningful piece of writing which they want their friends and family to see as well. This will lead to them sharing this content across different social media platforms because they will consider it valuable.

Incorporate an eye-catching picture

Nowadays, content is rarely introduced through a single medium since we have gotten used to engaging more than one sense. Since even the title needs a few moments to be read, an image catches the audience’s attention quicker instantly. It should serve as an illustration to a particular section and its interesting nature should engage the readers and stimulate them to continue reading the text.

However, stock images might ruin the impression you were trying to make since they seem insincere so you are always better off with either something more original, such as a photo you took or something from the internet which is engaging. You also need to be mindful of the quality because just as with the choice of the image, a grainy image can irritate the audience and they might think that the content is of the same poor quality. Naturally, if you don’t want to have problems with the law, you shouldn’t use copyrighted images, not to mention that such infringement would be more noticeable if the text goes viral. 


As mentioned at the beginning, going viral cannot be attributed only to luck since the viral content has digital marketing strategies hidden within it. You need to approach it strategically, to find an angle to the topic to which you and your audience can relate and to dress it in meaningful sections and attention-grabbing images. If your passion seeps through the content, then that content is on its way to being liked and shared globally.