TYPO3 goes for long term support with TYPO3 Version 4.5 LTS

I received an email from someone that wanted me to talk about TYPO3 Version 4.5 LTS. The suffix “LTS” stands for “Long Term Support”. For the first time a TYPO3 version will be maintained by the TYPO3 Core Team significantly longer than the usual release cycle would suggest. In 2010 TYPO3 has switched to a fixed 6-month release cycle which means up to now support for a version was only provided for 18 months (only three of the latest three versions actively maintained). The LTS versions will be supported for at least 3 years thus offering a good option for users that don’t need or don’t want to update every 6 months.

TYPO3 LogoTYPO3 is used for a great variety of websites ranging from the smallest private homepage up to large multi-server, multi-language enterprise portals. Upgrading for everyone is reported to be easy, since the development team focused on maximum backwards compatibility with older releases. This provides a very easy and stable migration path to TYPO3 Version 4.5 LTS.

Older features are still supported and the use of deprecated features can be easily tracked in a log file. If you're still stuck in the dark ages of the browser war, you'll also want to note that TYPO3 Version 4.5 LTS is the last release to support Internet Explorer 6 for the Backend.

New features and improvements found in TYPO3 Version 4.5 include:

  • A fast and flexible pagetree based on, configurable Backend layout and rearranged editing forms for pages and content elements.
  • The new LiveSearch box providing instant auto-completion. A similar technology empowers input fields to find connected records in a snap.
  • The whole Backend gets an optical facelift. Icons, colors and the general arrangement of elements were streamlined. Many details were fixed to provide a more consistent appearance and workflow.
  • Enterprise environment workflows imporvements. The TYPO3 developers rebuilt the whole workspaces management interface from scratch, using latest technologies (Extbase, ExtJS).
  • Additional features like custom workflow stages were added, offering great flexibility while still assuring highly improved usability.
  • A new library for sending mails was added to ensure RFC-compatibility on outgoing e-mails. Plenty of other features will make sure 4.5 stays competitive for the next 3 years: UTF-8 by default, HTML5 support, ExtJS based Backend, etc.
  • The new Extension Manager is a lot more comfortable using ExtJS and a grid view for extension listing.
  • A new Linkvalidator module was integrated as a system extension. It can check all kinds of links inside the content managed by TYPO3: internal, external, mail and file links.

TYPO3 Version 4.5 LTS can be downloaded directly from https://typo3.org/download/ .