Theme Boredom

I have had this itch to change the theme I'm using for  I decided to scratch that itch.  I'm currently playing with some freely available themes out there for the CMS I'm currently using (Drupal).  The theme in use at CMS Report this week is LiteJazz by RoopleTheme.

So what do you think about the LiteJazz theme and is it an improvement over the theme we've been using the past year?  Feel free to use the comments section below to voice your opinion.

I'm especially interested in two things:

  • Is the LiteJazz theme compatible with your browser and platform?  If  the theme doesn't look right to you I'd like to know about the problem you're seeing.  When commenting about the issue you're seeing, please also give me the browser (IE6, IE7, Safari, Firefox, etc) you're using and operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc).
  • Is the level of advertisement for this site acceptable to you?  Like most of you, I understand the need for sites to have advertisement but I too can't stand it when I see more ads than content.  Up to this point, I've never had a banner ad on the top of my pages.  Well there is one now and is that acceptable to you?  If the ad is too obtrusive I'm more than willing to pull it.  Although, I'm hoping it's acceptable...

If this theme doesn't work out I'll try using another theme for the site sometime next week.  Until then, I'm interested to hear what you think of the LiteJazz theme.