The iTouch Alternative: Nokia's N800

Rich Hoeg, eContent, purchased himself the Nokia N800. The N800 is a linux based handheld Internet tablet with functions similar to those of Apple's iTouch. I'm not sure either device is for me, but I've been in a little bit of an anti-Apple and anti-Windows funk lately...that I felt it worth mentioning here. Rich Hoeg has this to say about the N800:

I've created a short screencast
which demonstrates many of the features found upon the Nokia N800. However, here are a few of the reasons I chose the Nokia over the iPod Touch:

  • Open Source Platform and Software
  • Bluetooth and Wifi Enabled
  • Embedded Microphone (Skype anyone?)

The practical result of these three facts is that the capability of my Nokia N800's is constantly expanding as developers create new software for a platform which is not locked down (i.e. like Apple). The fact that is was cheaper than the iTouch did not hurt either (about $220 U.S.)...

The rest of Hoeg's discussion about the N800 can be found in his article, A Geek's Toy ... For Anyone! The Nokia N800.