The Growth in Ecommerce Infographic

My first thought when seeing this infographic backed by on the potential growth in the Ecommerce space was: sorry not interesting enough to post here. But after a few days, the infographic has grown on me and made me think that the opportunities to sell goods and services online is as strong as ever. 

The Ecommerce space has been experiencing a phenomenal growth in the past decades. You are probably enticed to build an Ecommerce startup, owing to its huge potential. But you probably should consider the other side of the coin as well. A few Dot Com moguls and VCs actually claim that the eCommerce space is one the verge of saturation. The point here is don't get discouraged yet, there are a lot of market choices and niches in the space which are yet to be untapped. However as the infographic points out, those opportunities may require you to look outside your current geography.

The infographic below was put together with data references from Alexa, Quantcast and to provide a 'bare surface' analysis.

5 Minute Guide for Startups: Ecommerce Growth